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Gifts Roundup

I recently received several awesome gifts and wanted to show them off. Thank you to everyone who makes me feel spoiled regularly!


I got this gorgeous new baby from a slave eager to get on my good side before I abused him in an in-person session. It worked…mostly. 😉

Picture 3749Picture 3750



I got these in the mail to replace a similar pair that someone wanted me to destroy for a custom video that never happened. Oh well, now I have two shiny blue leggings! Never a bad thing.

Picture 3743


I got these adorable Japanese lunchbox, too. I can’t stop making cute bento boxes now! I love practical gifts!


Picture 3745

This shoe-a-day desk calendar gift arrived from Mr. K with a lovely note and a crisp $100 bill. That’s definitely a way to get good karma before your next session!

Picture 3737

Picture 3751Picture 3752

Picture 3762


Picture 3773

Picture 3790


From @bilwyboy, a plethora of gifts!

He donated a gift card to Victoria’s Secret so I could get a couple new full super sexy lingerie sets, bra +thong+garter belts. He’ll be thanked with a private sexy video.

For Christmas, he also got me a a sexy dress, bath oils, a new dildo from my favorite brand, and a book to go with it! He’s a very good boy.

Lingerie for my body? Books for my mind? Items to pamper my home?

Want to spoil me as well? Check out my wishlist!


Thanks everyone,

Miss Kelle



Exploration Assignment

Hello fans, follwers, and slaves!

Since I am your kink muse, and I inspire all sorts of new and exciting kinky feelings in you, I have a sexual exploration assignment for everyone reading this.

I want you to go to my store, browse through my 800+ clips and choose a clip in a category that you wouldn’t normally think about. I want you to buy it, stroke for it (Unless the clip is about NOT stroking!) and review the clip in the comments below. Include the name and category of the clip and how you felt watching it. Was it truly not for you? Did you gain a better perspective of that fetish? Did you find it hotter than you thought you would?

Visit my store now and pick a new clip out for yourself!


Miss Kelle



Gifts Roundup – Christmas 2013

Thank you to all of my boys who got me amazing gifts this year! I have received so much mailbox love that I am overwhelmed, happy, and grateful!

Haven’t gotten me a gift yet? It’s not too late. I celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas!


I couldn’t possibly get photos of it all, but I did snap pics of most of them. Enjoy the veiw of the sexier presents 😉

From @TiffinD, I got this stunning sterling silver necklace and earrings. They sparkle and shine in the light so prettily!


And since my favorite asset of his is my mind, he nearly cleared out my entire “Books” wishlist on my Amazon! 😀 As you can see, I have quite eclectic tastes. Some of the books are still coming in! Thank you so much!

The adult baby books and gender studies are from @bilwyboy. Thank you, billy 😉


From my addict @cuteboy321 comes a plethora of slutty lingerie off my wishlist. Trust I’ll be putting it to good use in my clips, as well as teasing him out of his mind! You should thank him! Haha.



This outfit was featured in a top selling clip “Deepen Your Tranny Addiction“. I knew it would really ensnare him particularly, but he wasn’t the only one!

If you get me a wearable gift, I love to make a clip wearing it that appeals particularly to you!



This pair of satin gloves was supposed to come with the satin shelf bra and panties that my hypno-thrall ordered for me at my request…they got backlogged but hey, I have them now! They’ve already been featured in several clips.



From @bilwyboy comes sexy lingerie, and amazing pearl earrings!


Spy this hot pink lingerie set in an yet-to-be released Forced Bi clip entitled “Anything to Meet Me”!


Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂


I received a few anonymous gifts, too. If you got one of the following items, email me so I can thank you properly! 🙂


Since I have a prop gun as well, I was thinking about a clip called “Assault and Battery” in this outfit, what do you think? Hehe. 😉

Ooh…sexy shiny satin panties. Just what the doctor ordered for teasing sluts!



Thanks for making this Christmas a fantastic one!


Miss Kelle

Video: Race to the Finish

Why is this my favorite clip of the week? Cause I’m wearing latex and I look hot! Haha!

After I shot this clip, I shot my November Q&A clip, so you can see me in ‘action’ on YouTube, then go buy my hot little jerkoff game below!


Race to the Finish

This assignment is perfect for those boring hotel room stays. Even if you’re at home, it’s simple. Grab yourself a small bucket of ice. Sit down, legs spread, and put that bucket right there in front of you. I’m going to tease you in my sexy black latex dress, and when I give the command, you have only 3 minutes to cum. If you don’t make it in three minutes your erection will be swifty stifled by a cold ice bath! You’ll have to dump that entire bucket on your crotch.

Don’t worry too much. I’ll be giving you a bit of a head-start, getting you worked up by polishing my tits, ass, hips, and waist to a mirror-like shine. Of course, you’ll be sitting on your hands until I give the command. No jerking before watching. I want you starting out ‘cold’.

A “hot” and “cold” masturbation game. Can you make it?

This clip includes: masturbation instruction, masturbation games, tease & denial, latex, fetish clothing, edging, assignments, stroke-along, orgasm control, predicament, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
Buy Now

One Month Till Christmas!

I have updated and cleaned up my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas! Yay! It’s less than a month away, so I want you to show your devotion this holiday for a very special woman who makes you smile.
In the past year I have gained so many great new fans, slaves, and friends that I am so thankful for! So show me the love this year, boys!

My wishlist is organized into 4 categories, as you can see.



“Lingerie and Fetish”: This is my default list, that all the sexy things go into. Of course, it’s the most often shopped. I wonder why? 😉

If you love seeing me in sexy things, shop here for me! You will probably see it in a clip or two, or in-person if you book a session with me. I love to show off my new clothes, outfits, and accessories! Right now I’ve been craving a lot of fetish items. Leather gloves, strappy lingerie, and shiny dresses and catsuits.



“Top Wanted Gifts”: This is what I really want right now! Random things, sexy things, useful things. Vibrators and onsie pyjamas, jewelry and cosy socks. My tastes are kind of all over the place.



“Pamper”: This is for my super-duper good boys. Things in this list may be luxury items, small items for my house, and generally things that make my life better. Don’t you want to treat your Princess right? 🙂


I also have a “Books” list with everything from erotica, kink, to practical how-to type books. I’m a voracious reader and cultivate a library on a wide range of topics. Want to contribute?

I know you boys will spoil me, but how much? Hehe.

I’m thinking of doing a guided wishlist Christmas video. Ideas? Suggestions? Maybe I’ll put the first part on YouTube, and the second in my Clips4Sale store with the ‘good parts’. I want to hear your feedback!

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle

Halloween Week!

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays, because I LOVE dressing up. I have been doing it since I can remember, and Halloween celebrates donning a new costume and personality. Add in an extra dose of creepy, and it’s even better!

Yesterday I got into the Halloween spirit by staying in with blankets, candles, and my adorable girlfriend while we marathoned a bunch of creepy movies!

So I got this brilliant idea to run a full week of Halloween themed clips for the days leading up to the day itself…and I’m really excited to share my masterpieces! I’ve got a sadistic inmate, creepy little girl, angels, demons, and goddesses all making an appearance. I am publishing the usual categories on the usual days as well, so you’ll still get your dose of forced bi, hypnotism, cum eating instruction, masturbation instruction, and more!

Today is already day 3 of Halloween week, so look forward to tonight’s update at 10PM EST!


Day 1: Convicted Cocksucker
Forced Bi Revenge in Prison!


Day 2: Summoning The Demon
A young witch will do anything to grow a real cock!


Day 3: The Goddess of Love

(To be published tonight!)
Tune in to my clip store all this week for more updates!


Keep Playing!


Miss Kelle

Video: Addicted to Love

Inspired by not one, but 5 different slaves over the past 3 years, I bring you a masterpiece of emotional sadism. Cum eating instruction is really incidental to the true pain that this clip can evoke. It’s impactful because of the truth of the words I speak. It’s intimate, biting, utterly seductive yet cruel.

Think it’s about you? I don’t know, if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!




You are in love with me. Just admit it. We both know it’s true. Since the moment you met me, you have been addicted. You’d do anything for me. You already have. You’re always sending me gifts, trying to gain my approval and attention. You are just so love. Yes, you find me sexually attractive, but it’s my mind that you have fallen head over heels for.
You both hate and love the way I could so easily break your heart with a few well placed words. But I’ll keep stringing you along and you’ll keep begging for more…all because you’re too afraid to imagine your life without me. I’m everything you’ve always dreamed of in a woman. You think I don’t know exactly what I’m doing? That I don’t calculate every little move I make with you? So go ahead, stroke for me now. You’ll eat your cum while you look right into my eyes.
The most seductive CEI imaginable. You’re already in love, it’s not like you can say no to me.
This clip includes: cum eating instruction, masturbation instruction, love addiction, fetish clothing, tease & denial, addiction, heart breaker, home wrecker, seduction, and FemDom POV.
*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.
Price: $10.99  USD
Length: 10 minutes

Gifts Round Up

I got loads of great gifts this week!

From “D” I received some cool stuff from his trip to a bourbon festival (including a mini barrel!), a g-spot attachment for my hitachi wand, and this luxe leather backpack. I can’t believe how good it smells…mmm. I’ll be the coolest kid in school with this leather bag!


…This creamy deep berry red shade of lipstick called “Confession”. The woman who sent the lipstick from her store even sent me a personal note. “Thanks Kelle… I checked out your blog – love it!” Haha! I guess I have a new fan. So sweet! Oh la la, this one is a Mystery gift! (Come forward if it was you!)


…This leather thong as a “thank you” for a hot custom clip order! Sexy 🙂


…These hot fetish sandals (another mystery gift!)


…These awesome black sparkling caged heels. I can’t wait to rock these…


…this beautiful silver bracelet from another a mystery fan! Thank you!


…And these oh-so-cute mint green glossy pumps from a dear hypno-slave. I needed a break from black. 😉



I just want to thank everyone who got me wonderful gifts from my wishlist! I love getting presents, because it shows how much you care. 🙂


Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle

Video: You Can’t Help Yourself

This idea was actually from a fan, and I took his advice! Obviously it paid off, since it’s my most popular clip this month! Honestly it was really difficult to pick a favorite since all my content in the past week has been totally killer!

See what all the fuss is about. Can’t tell from the preview but the last part of the clip I’m completely topless!


You Can’t Help Yourself


Once you see what I’ve got in store for you, you are guaranteed to jizz in your mouth in no time. It’s out of your control. You just can’t help yourself. When you start to stroke to the beat of my metronome, your hand will move exactly in time to the beat. My sexy voice coaxes your balls to produce thick ropes of jizz, all for me. I love teasing you with my body, showing you what you’re going to look like when you cum in your mouth.

As I adjust the speed, slowly gaining momentum, you realise that you’re going to cum in your mouth. It’s only a matter of time. You love to be commanded to stroke, and you crave submitting to me. The beat will push on ever faster and you won’t be able to stop that explosion into your open, waiting mouth.

Cum directly into your mouth as I tease you into submission.

This clip includes: masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, lingerie, tease and denial, jizz, cum play, metronome, cum in mouth, cum addict, topless, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.

Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
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A Beginner’s Guide to Dirty Talk



When you are told all your life to keep your feelings inside, it’s hard to open up. A lot of people enjoy dirty talk. Myself included. While I can monologue in a video, if we are in a session, I like to have a two-way conversation. Otherwise, just buy a video! Dirty talk is for female Dominants, male submissives, Male Tops, and female submissives…and every person in between!

I love to hear and speak “dirty talk”. It’s painting a picture with your words about what you want to do, or even who you want to be. The biggest and most important sex organ is right between your ears, and that’s where the fantasy starts and what keeps your juices flowing.


How are you feeling right now? What are you touching? What is being touched? Give a play by play.

“Yes, your soft fingers feel so good against my skin…”

Thinking Ahead.

What would you like to happen next? What is your end goal? Think in progression.

“Please, bend me over your knee and spank my bottom cherry red.”


Don’t get too crazy with the vocabulary unless that’s your normal way of speaking. Stay within your comfort zone and you won’t feel silly.

“Your shiny black corset is so slick and tight around your beautiful waist.”

Direction with 4 letter words!

Verbs: Fuck! Fist! Lick! Kiss! Moan!

Nouns: Cunt! Slut! Hard! Hole!

Get creative…but most of all use all those dirty words and get nasty!


Miss Kelle