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What I Did This Summer

For the past 10 years, every summer I escape for a week or two to the middle ages. The event is called The Pennsic War and regularly draws a crowd of over 10,000 people from all over the world. Yep, I’m a reenactor. If you can call it that. Mostly I sew, drink a lot, and talk about historical nonesuch with friends and family. I don’t fight(though I’ve done it), I don’t blacksmith(Though I’ve tried it), and I don’t cook(much). I hope the photos can capture a bit of the magic for you.


This is camp. Home base. You’ll find plenty of non-medieval objects here. We aren’t too strict. Other camps are and they are awesome. I’m wearing a 14th century dress in the first pic and a 16th century dress(both handsewn by yours truly) in the second pic. We have a lovely little spot by a lake. I like to watch all the turtles, fish, bats, dragonflies, and groundhogs around the area. We have a really great cook in our camp, who is roasting the lamb leg over the fire. It was delicious. We cook on the campfire most days. 🙂



One of the things I love about Pennsic is the effort and time that every participant puts into making it a beautiful place. Even if it’s just for two weeks. This camp has erected their own Greek temple (complete with oracle!). I had a threesome in there once years back. Shh! 😉


Daytime consists of classes, meeting new people, and shopping! We love hanging out at the local cafe(yes, we have more than a few restaurants on site just for the event), a middle eastern joint with hookah, delcious snacks, and coffee drinks. We were lucky enough to be seated next to a few practicing musicians playing period instruments. My girlfriend shows off the henna art I did on her palm at a class about the Turkish Baths of the middle ages.



In my Indian sari, I’m off for the evening to party! All the shops are open until midnight on one evening of the week, so the whole place is alive! Lights, torches, dancing, drums! We headed to another party and witnessessed a rainbow-colored fire! I love that so many talented people make and bring all their own brews! Much sampling to be had!



On the last day, we finally managed to make it to a battle. I’m lazy and never get out of camp early enough to go watch one. Hey, it’s my vacation! It’s hard to get a good photo since everyone is moving so fast and you can’t get too close. Might lose an eye. In the last photo you can see the East and Middle Kingdoms facing off to win the War!



At the end of the day, it’s watching the cotton candy clouds and the sun set over the lake, with the silhouette of pavilions and campsmoke rising above the trees that really makes me feel at peace. When you arrive at the event, the staff always says “Welcome Home”, and it truly feels like it. A goblet of mead doesn’t hurt either.


Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my ‘other’ life. Don’t be fooled, kinkster’s are all over the place here too! Some people set up full dungeons. I haven’t quite visited that side of Pennsic yet, but maybe one day..


Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle

Clip of the Week: “Sweet Smothering”

I love smothering and face sitting. I love doing it in person and it’s a common request for clips. The problem is since I shoot in HD widescreen, getting my face and ass in a normal shot is tricky. I wanted to make this clip as realistic as possible, so I experimented with a different angle in this clip to try and fit my face and ass in the frame at once. Love it, or hate it? Email me and let me know. I personally think it looks super sexy!



You went home with a beautiful girl, and now you know she slipped something in your drink! You can’t move, or scream and you are now at the whim of her sick desire…to smother you to sleep. Forever. All you can do is breathe in the scent of her panties…pussy…and ass. Deep breaths filtered through her panties. That’s all the air you’re going to get. Her soft voice lulls you into a false security.

As her beautiful ass in designer lace panties descends on your face, again and again, you know you won’t be able to make this mistake again. This will be the last time. There won’t be another chance. You’re already seeing stars!

A sweet and sensual smother, with a dark desire at the end of the tunnel.
This clip includes: Panty fetish, ass worship, smother, tease and denial, femme fatale, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


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Length: 9 minutes

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20 Ways to Abuse Your Family Jewels

You either love it, or can’t stand the thought. It’s called CBT. Cock and Ball Torture.



Of course, it’s whatever is torturous to you, which might not necessarily be an intense sensation. It’s whatever gets that intense reaction – that’s what I love! This might be a way of giving away my secrets, or maybe just whetting your appetite!


1. Playing the “how-many-clothespins-can-I-fit-on-your-scrotum” game!

2. How many can I smack off your ballsack with this riding crop?

3. Lots of tight, tight ropework. With small diameter cord.

4. A humbler.

5. My feet. My toes. My heels. My stockings.

6. My sharp little fingernails + your tied up balls.

7. Rubber bands anyone?

8. Weights. How much can you take?

9. I have a few canes, small ones. They are designed just for cock and ball abuse!

10. Hot wax dripping onto every crevice.

11. Electric torture!

12. A Fleshlight! Pleasurable torture.

13. Good old fashioned ball busting!

14. Needles.

15. A chasity device. I have some with spikes inside. No erection for you!

16. A bristled hairbrush

17. Tiny little floggers!

18. Chopsticks + Rubber bands. You might even have that at home now!

19. Binder clips. Ouch!

20. Ball stretchers!


I filled up that list quick! I am sure I could think of more, but I want to leave something to the imagination! Don’t know what one of those devices are? Google it. Turn off your “Safe Search”. Ha ha.

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle


Vacation Notice – July 27th through August 3rd

Just a notice that I will be unavailable for sessions while I am on vacation from July 27th through August 3rd.

Every year, I escape to the Middle Ages for a week or two at an annual event called “The Pennsic War” with over 10,000 attendees. I’m an avid amatuer historian and love learning and DOING history!


(an aerial veiw of most of the encampment)

A week long camping event with other like-minded individuals allows me to learn even more about a myriad of topics. A lot of my vacations are educational, you’ll find. As I really like to immerse myself in the experience, I have been remiss in capturing the breadth of this unique event, and tend to eschew any modern implements. No phone, no computers, no electricity, no cameras…it’s truly freeing.

This year I’ll be bringing a new friend who loves to take pictures, so expect plenty of great photos of where I go every year. The classes, the drinking, the parties, the music…it’s truly something I look forward to every year. Expect a lengthy blog post upon my return with plenty of photos!

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle

Video: Cum on Command

This clip is my most popular clip this month! It’s not hard to see why. The idea came from me wanting to do a really sensual, soft masturbation instruction clip. I wanted it to have a dreamy, hypnotizing quality, that builds in intensity for pleasure. Absolutely no humiliation or cruelty. Just a sensual woman in control of your cock and orgasm, wanting you to have the most intense experience possible. Follow the instructions to the letter and I promise you’ll be rewarded…



Are you prepared for the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had? Follow my stroking instructions exactly, and you will cum on command, exactly when I tell you. I will carefully cultivate each spasm of pleasure as you submit your cock under my control. Just relax, and slip into a sexy, sensual trance. It feels so good to give up control of your cock to me.

My sweet little sheer nightie with nothing underneath provides jsut the right amount of tease as I start to toy with your body. I build up your orgasm again and again, in deep waves starting at your toes and building an intense climax. Follow my soft voice and sink away into pleasure.

Soft, sensual and explosive orgasm control. *Use headphones for the most immersive experience!*

This clip includes: masturbation instruction, stroke encouragement, JOI, tit worship, tease and denial, edging, mesmerize, cock control, orgasm control, and FemDom POV.

*More stroking help? Check out more of my masturbation instruction clips!*

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.
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Gifts Round Up

I received a bunch of lovely gifts already this month! I love getting gifts, from fun to totally practical. When you give, everyone gets sexy pics of me showing them off.

I put this whole silver outfit on my wishlist, and in the same day it was snapped up by one of my fans! I am looking forward to using it for a few sexy sci-fi inspired clips!

Picture 774Picture 771

These beautiful designer shoes are real leather and so sexy. They are from a very special facesittin fan! I love the little gold bow on the toe. Adorable. I just wore them out this weekend with Miss Noel Knight to a cute little Italian place downtown. I love the way real leather shoes form to your feet and fit perfectly. By the end of the night I was even saying how I wanted to keep walking around in them, they felt so good!

Picture 767Picture 768Picture 770


Another fan who loves me making him achingly teasing custom videos got me something awesome! I’m a big Star Trek TNG fan, and he got me a uniform off my wishlist! What kind of clip should I shoot in this one? Dr. Crusher takes your temperature? Counselor Troi hypnotizes you? He got me some sexy stockings too. They never go amiss! I can never have enough.


Picture 758Picture 761

Picture 765Picture 776

A sissy of mine who loves to show off his outfits on cam got me this hot little number. Damn, I look good!


Picture 756Picture 757

From “D”, a pair of beautiful buttery leather pumps.These are from one of my favorite shoe design brands, Dolce Vita. Beautiful and classic round toe pump, real leather. These are the kind of shoes you never get rid off, and wear them forever. They’ll never go out of style. I like to think this is my signature shoe shape. They even come with this cute little bag to keep the dust off!

Picture 779Picture 781Picture 782Picture 783

Thank you to all who got me these lovely gifts! I look forward to posting more pics of gifts in the future 🙂

If you’d like to shop for me, here’s my Wish List Link.


Miss Kelle









Used Item: Black Lace Top Thigh Highs



I never wear ratty stockings, and if they even get one little pinhole, I know it will turn into a ladder in no time. These stockings got a tiny ladder in them, and now they are available for you to wear yourself, sniff, smell, rub on…whatever you like to do with them.

They are black sheer stockings with a silicone grip to keep them on your thighs, and a sexy lace top. This is one of my favorite kind of stockings to wear, so I go through a lot of them. Have a specific kind of hosiery you’d prefer instead? Email to see if I have that particular kind. I just might!

Already packaged in a “keep-fresh” baggie and ready to go home with a lucky boy!

Stockings Size: Small

Price: $40 – Includes shipping within US


Email me at kelle @ to order!

~Miss Kelle

Video: My Breasts are Your Weakness

Not only is this clip scorching hot, but it was so sexy to film. I was getting more and more aroused as I rubbed my breasts with scented oil, and my nipples stiffened. I absolutely love teasing and teasing, knowing how badly you want to reach through that screen and squeeze one of my perfect tits. I think it showcases one of my best assets incredibly well. It’s a must own. I don’t think I can think of any boy who wouldn’t love it. I mean, who doesn’t like tits?


I was blessed with a perfect pair of natural double D’s and I have been using them ever since they started growing to get exactly what I want. I learned early that men like you are especially weak for gorgeous cleavage like mine. You’ll be stroking and worshipping them in no time as I tease you mercilessly.

Let me just oh-so-slowly unzip my shiny tight top, tease you with my buoyant breasts in my sexy push up bra…and maybe I’ll just slip out of it and rub on a handful of slick oil. My oiled up breasts will have you dripping for me as you beg to spill your seed in offering to my perfect tits.

One of my best tit worship clips. This clip will make you a tit addict in seconds!

This clip includes: Femdom POV, trance, mesmerize, tit worship, big tits, breasts, bouncing boobs, oiled breasts, Goddess worship, and female domination.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.
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Video: Exposing Your Secrets

You have this nasty little habit when you get a hard on. You just want to spill all your secrets. Last night, it was to me. You were so hard you watched one of my blackmail clips and you couldn’t help but to send me all the information I asked for…just like a good boy. Now it’s the next day and you’ve got a hard-on hangover once you realized what you had done. You sent me your full legal name, your address, phone number…everything. Now you will live in fear, not knowing when, how, or if I will expose you.

I’ve got all your secrets right here on this little flashdrive. Amazing how it is so tiny, yet I could do so much damage. Does the woman in your life have any idea what a little pervert you are? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You want me to keep her blissfully unaware of our little arrangement? You’ll have to suffer the price…

Keep playing with me. I will always win.

This clip includes: Femdom POV, brat girls, tease and denial, blackmail fantasy, catsuit, high heels, role play, and female domination.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


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Video: Trained to be Gay

I’ve kept you locked up for a week in this tiny cage. You’ve been unable to move or masturbate while your cock is locked up. Today is your first training day. You see, I’m training you to be gay. I unlock you from your bondage and force to to watch gay porn and homosexual imagery while I stimulate your cock with a rubber pussy. Should I catch your gaze lingering too logn on my womanly breasts, I simply shock you painfully with my electric prod.

It doesn’t take long for your cock to start responding naturally to big, thick cock. Soon the sight of a female will do nothing. I test you with different images, either being rewarded with the masturbation sleeve, or punished with the prod! This is only the beginning of my gay training.

Fag brainwashing at it’s finest and most cruel. My best yet.

This clip includes: forced bi, oral servitude, cocksucker, fag training, humiliation, dirty talk, and female domination.

*Hungry for more cock? Check out more of my Forced Bi Clips!*

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


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