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Teasing boys

A common question I get is: “What would you wear to the club to tease me in, Princess?”

Teasing boys is my speciality. In fact, I do it so much that boys say I tease them without me even thinking about it. Guess it’s that much a part of my nature.

One of my doting boys was overseas for a while, and has recently come back home. He sent me this dress, that I would love to tease boys in. It has a cut out back, it’s short and tight across my round ass, and drapes across my perky all-natural cleavage.

That’s definately a cocktease dress.


Picture 2558

An amazing surprise!

Look what came in the mail today! One of my boys just keeps on surprising me!

Picture 2478

This is an great book I had on my wishlist, and for those of you who know, I love studying Medieval fashion. It’s a great reference book, and with pictures!

But the really awesome surprise was this incredible little sparkly bauble!

Picture 2477

Gold, diamonds, and a tashmarine gemstone right in the middle. It’s such a beautiful color! I am in love.

Thank you boy, you really know how to treat a Princess like me 😉

Sky High Heels

I wanted to show off a hot pair of heels I recieved from a doting pantyboy.

Picture 2450

Picture 2451

These shoes are pretty killer! As in I hope I don’t die wearing them! It’s kind of like falling off a cliff when you trip.

But super hot. I will definately be wearing these bad girls on cam tonight, so if you love sky high heels like these and my cute little toes in them, I suggest you come visit!

Boys, leave me a comment and tell me what you love so much about killer high heels like these?

I love them because they make me tall, sexy, and feel like a Goddess on a pedestal.

Another gift!

I have a wonderful doting boy who has been sending me surprise gifts. The last gift I recieved was this incredible pair of patent leather pumps from Dolce Vita. They are smoking hot, not to mention comfortable. I will definitely be rocking them at DomCon.

Picture 2388

Even the box is chic!


Picture 2389

And it even comes with a cute little bag for the leather shoes!

Picture 2390

I think this photo illustrates my love for these shoes.

Picture 2391

The Most Perfect Pumps. Ever.


Here’s an oldie but goodie:


This is from two years ago when Miss Maya Sintress came to visit 🙂 We had a lot of fun, as you can tell!

Hopefully she will be visiting us again this summer, she is an excellent sadist and while wonderful to be around, I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side! She is so sexy with her long legs and sky high platforms…mmm

Sorry about the censor bar, Miss Snow said no smut on the blog!


I am trying to get ahead on my homework as much as possible so I can have the maximum amount of “free” time, you know for things like grocery shopping, going to the gym, and being able to see my adoring fans. I am so glad that my homework is at least somewhat fun compared to other types of classes. 4.0 here I come!

Here’s me and my latest homework. I’m rather proud of it. We had to do a line drawing of our own created still life.

Picture 1252

Yay for things!

Miss Audrie’s page on Wicked Eden is finished! You can check out her bio, and other information about her. Visit here:


I’m going to be doing a couple more photoshoots here soon since I look so much better now than I do in my old photos! I’m down to 115 lbs and I’m so much more toned. I’m so proud of myself! I used to be scared to walk by a gym. Now I try to go every other day and my body is bangin’!

So I have a couple outfits I wanted to do some photo shoots in but I wanted your input!

1)Tennis girl in white, complete with tennis racket and BALLS!

2)Bright orange “inmate” tight sexy dress, complete with handcuffs, of course!

3)Blue satin and black lace lingerie…and well what else do you really need?

Any other outfit ideas? Keep ’em coming!

University here I come!

So I got my schedule finalized, and have two days off during the school week where I’ll be available for sessions, though I’ll still always be available for evening sessions. I am taking a texiles and clothing class first thing in the mornings, which sounds so awesome. I was debating majoring in textiles and clothing or majoring in art. Right now it’s Art, but we’ll see how things go! I have a break for lunch after that, then two long studio art classes which should be much more interesting than a traditional classroom. I am so excited!

Think I’ll be the cutest coed on campus?

Picture 101