Custom Videos

Email me for custom clip quote:

Kelle (at) KelleMartina (dot) com

Interested in making your fetish fantasy come to life? Order a custom clip and have it made just for you! My custom video rate depends upon the content and complexity of the clip.

Tributes for solo (just me) videos range from $10 to $20 per minute and up with a 10 minute minimum. 15 minutes is an average request.

To order a custom video, let me know an outline of the clip, and what is important for me to include. I’ll provide a quote. Once approved, I will send you an electronic invoice, which you can handle securely and discreetly via credit card or secure bank transfer. “Seravox, Inc.” will appear on your statement.

Have a clip outline that’s a bit more involved than a couple sentences? I find it easiest follow an outline with each part broken up into approx. 3 minute chunks to keep the pacing on track. The outline should be very brief, only as many sentences as needed to cover the action, pose or dialogue(whatever portions are most important to you). Also include a brief list of hot buttons and turnoffs, just to remind me and make it sure it’s covering the important bits. After that, leave it up to me to fill in the blanks to let my personality and devious mind show through!

Example Custom Video Outline

Wardrobe: Black mini skirt, black bra, stockings, garters, and patent leather pumps.

0-3 min: Verbal Humiliation about being in love with you and willing to do anything. Ass, Legs, Stockings and Heels teasing.

3-6 min: Explain that I am going to sign my submissive contract to you, and instruct me to undress, humiliating every part of my body as I do it.

6-9 min: Using your body to make me weak, tell me how I have no choice and will be signing it as you have taken control of me. 

Finish with a 10 second cum countdown, focusing on your face. I don’t like bisexual fantasies, but I really love seeing your stockings and heels.

Delivery: Please allow at least 4 weeks from payment for delivery of the clip via your own private download link. It will be emailed to you via


4 weeks –  Standard Delivery

2 weeks – $100

1  week – $200

3 days – $400

I’m also available for custom videos with Madison Volt and Natasha Zare and with male film slaves. Please add an additional $200 to all videos with 2nd model (male or female).

I limit my filming to fetishes and scenarios that I enjoy, so the following are either limits are areas of disinterest/non-interest.

  • Race Play, Racial Humiliation or Slurs
  • Food/Messy/Splosh Play
  • Feederism/Gaining
  • Anal Penetration (on myself)
  • Impregnation/Pregnancy/Lacatation
  • Crushing Animals/Insects/Creatures
  • Scat/Brown Showers and Roman/Vomit
  • Farts/Burps/Hiccups on command
  • Videos encouraging drug use or self harm

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