Worn Items

Email me to request: Kelle (at) KelleMartina (dot) com

You may purchase any of my personally worn items for worship. This includes panties, socks, stockings, shoes, or any other clothing item. All scented intimates (e.g. panties, socks, pantyhose) are mailed in a vacuum sealed zip top bag right after wear for maximum freshness. All packages are shipped discreetly via USPS or FedEx. To order, contact me via email at kelle@kellemartina.com.

Panties – $80 for 2 days of continuous wear. Thongs, bikinis, full-backs, and boyshorts available in a variety of materials and colors.

Stockings/Pantyhose – $80 for generic brands, $100 for specialty (15 Denier, RHT, Wolford, etc.) for 5 days of wear.

Socks – $80 for 5 days of continuous wear in boots or sneakers.

Shoes – $50 (flip flops or flats) or $100 (heels or tennis shoes) or $150 (boots) for very well-worn footwear.

Payment: Once items are selected, I will send you an invoice via 2Checkout.com. 2Checkout is a secure payment processor I use, and you can even checkout via your PayPal account at the end of the checkout process, if you have one. No special account is necessary.

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(I use FedEx, which does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. If your only available address is a P.O. Box, please let me know for alternate shipping quotes.)

MKM-UsedItem039 MKM-UsedItem038

Blue Vintage Knee High Socks |  Light Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem037 MKM-UsedItem036
Black/Red Polka Dot Knee High Socks |  Moderate Wear | $50 + S&H
Black/Purple Athletic Socks |  Moderate Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem034 MKM-UsedItem033
White Nylon Knee High Socks |  Light Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem032 MKM-UsedItem031
White Knit Knee High Socks |  Moderate Wear | $50 + S&H
White Knit Athletic Socks |  Moderate Wear | $50 + S&H
 White/Pink Knit Athletic Socks |  Moderate Wear | $50 + S&H
Purple Knit Althletic Socks |  Very Heavy Wear | $100 + S&H
 MKM-UsedItem027 MKM-UsedItem026
White Sheer Nylon Capri Leggings |  Light Wear | $40 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem025 MKM-UsedItem024
White Sheer Nylon Lace Leggings |  Light Wear | $40 + S&H
 MKM-UsedItem023 MKM-UsedItem022
Red Nylon Tights |  Light Wear | $30 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem021 MKM-UsedItem019
Taupe Reinforced Toe Pantyhose |  Light Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem018 MKM-UsedItem017
Nude Sheer Toe Pantyhose |  Light Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem016 MKM-UsedItem015
Gray Reinforced Toe Pantyhose |  Heavy Wear | $50 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem014 MKM-UsedItem013
Black Spider Sheer Toe Pantyhose |  Heavy Wear | $30 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem012 MKM-UsedItem011
Red Lace Garter Belt |  Heavy Wear | $30 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem010 MKM-UsedItem009
Black Knit Sweater Dress |  Light Wear | $60 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem008 MKM-UsedItem007
Blue Satin Bra & Thong Set |  Heavy Wear | $110 + S&H
MKM-UsedItem005 MKM-UsedItem003
Black Cupless Crotchless Teddy |  Light Wear | $100 + S&H (not pink as pictured, same just in black)
MKM-UsedItem002 MKM-UsedItem001
Black Lace Thong Gartered Teddy |  Light Wear | $100 + S&H