Yay for things!

Miss Audrie’s page on Wicked Eden is finished! You can check out her bio, and other information about her. Visit here:


I’m going to be doing a couple more photoshoots here soon since I look so much better now than I do in my old photos! I’m down to 115 lbs and I’m so much more toned. I’m so proud of myself! I used to be scared to walk by a gym. Now I try to go every other day and my body is bangin’!

So I have a couple outfits I wanted to do some photo shoots in but I wanted your input!

1)Tennis girl in white, complete with tennis racket and BALLS!

2)Bright orange “inmate” tight sexy dress, complete with handcuffs, of course!

3)Blue satin and black lace lingerie…and well what else do you really need?

Any other outfit ideas? Keep ’em coming!