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Video: Trained to be Gay

I’ve kept you locked up for a week in this tiny cage. You’ve been unable to move or masturbate while your cock is locked up. Today is your first training day. You see, I’m training you to be gay. I unlock you from your bondage and force to to watch gay porn and homosexual imagery while I stimulate your cock with a rubber pussy. Should I catch your gaze lingering too logn on my womanly breasts, I simply shock you painfully with my electric prod.

It doesn’t take long for your cock to start responding naturally to big, thick cock. Soon the sight of a female will do nothing. I test you with different images, either being rewarded with the masturbation sleeve, or punished with the prod! This is only the beginning of my gay training.

Fag brainwashing at it’s finest and most cruel. My best yet.

This clip includes: forced bi, oral servitude, cocksucker, fag training, humiliation, dirty talk, and female domination.

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*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


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Length: 11 minutes