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Video: Race to the Finish

Why is this my favorite clip of the week? Cause I’m wearing latex and I look hot! Haha!

After I shot this clip, I shot my November Q&A clip, so you can see me in ‘action’ on YouTube, then go buy my hot little jerkoff game below!


Race to the Finish

This assignment is perfect for those boring hotel room stays. Even if you’re at home, it’s simple. Grab yourself a small bucket of ice. Sit down, legs spread, and put that bucket right there in front of you. I’m going to tease you in my sexy black latex dress, and when I give the command, you have only 3 minutes to cum. If you don’t make it in three minutes your erection will be swifty stifled by a cold ice bath! You’ll have to dump that entire bucket on your crotch.

Don’t worry too much. I’ll be giving you a bit of a head-start, getting you worked up by polishing my tits, ass, hips, and waist to a mirror-like shine. Of course, you’ll be sitting on your hands until I give the command. No jerking before watching. I want you starting out ‘cold’.

A “hot” and “cold” masturbation game. Can you make it?

This clip includes: masturbation instruction, masturbation games, tease & denial, latex, fetish clothing, edging, assignments, stroke-along, orgasm control, predicament, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
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One Month Till Christmas!

I have updated and cleaned up my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas! Yay! It’s less than a month away, so I want you to show your devotion this holiday for a very special woman who makes you smile.
In the past year I have gained so many great new fans, slaves, and friends that I am so thankful for! So show me the love this year, boys!

My wishlist is organized into 4 categories, as you can see.



“Lingerie and Fetish”: This is my default list, that all the sexy things go into. Of course, it’s the most often shopped. I wonder why? 😉

If you love seeing me in sexy things, shop here for me! You will probably see it in a clip or two, or in-person if you book a session with me. I love to show off my new clothes, outfits, and accessories! Right now I’ve been craving a lot of fetish items. Leather gloves, strappy lingerie, and shiny dresses and catsuits.



“Top Wanted Gifts”: This is what I really want right now! Random things, sexy things, useful things. Vibrators and onsie pyjamas, jewelry and cosy socks. My tastes are kind of all over the place.



“Pamper”: This is for my super-duper good boys. Things in this list may be luxury items, small items for my house, and generally things that make my life better. Don’t you want to treat your Princess right? 🙂


I also have a “Books” list with everything from erotica, kink, to practical how-to type books. I’m a voracious reader and cultivate a library on a wide range of topics. Want to contribute?

I know you boys will spoil me, but how much? Hehe.

I’m thinking of doing a guided wishlist Christmas video. Ideas? Suggestions? Maybe I’ll put the first part on YouTube, and the second in my Clips4Sale store with the ‘good parts’. I want to hear your feedback!

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle

20 Ways to Abuse Your Family Jewels

You either love it, or can’t stand the thought. It’s called CBT. Cock and Ball Torture.



Of course, it’s whatever is torturous to you, which might not necessarily be an intense sensation. It’s whatever gets that intense reaction – that’s what I love! This might be a way of giving away my secrets, or maybe just whetting your appetite!


1. Playing the “how-many-clothespins-can-I-fit-on-your-scrotum” game!

2. How many can I smack off your ballsack with this riding crop?

3. Lots of tight, tight ropework. With small diameter cord.

4. A humbler.

5. My feet. My toes. My heels. My stockings.

6. My sharp little fingernails + your tied up balls.

7. Rubber bands anyone?

8. Weights. How much can you take?

9. I have a few canes, small ones. They are designed just for cock and ball abuse!

10. Hot wax dripping onto every crevice.

11. Electric torture!

12. A Fleshlight! Pleasurable torture.

13. Good old fashioned ball busting!

14. Needles.

15. A chasity device. I have some with spikes inside. No erection for you!

16. A bristled hairbrush

17. Tiny little floggers!

18. Chopsticks + Rubber bands. You might even have that at home now!

19. Binder clips. Ouch!

20. Ball stretchers!


I filled up that list quick! I am sure I could think of more, but I want to leave something to the imagination! Don’t know what one of those devices are? Google it. Turn off your “Safe Search”. Ha ha.

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle


How Can You Serve Me?

For those of the submissive persuation…

Are you unable to serve me in person? Too far away, too married, too poor? Luckily for you there are multiple ways to serve me regularly from a distance, and feel that much closer.

Buy my clips!

I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking up content, shooting, editing, publishing daily FemDom videos for YOU! Oh, did I mention I do it all myself? Yep. Have an idea you think will sell well? Email me and see if I like it! Want to order a custom clip exactly how you want it? Email me 🙂
I have flirted with the Top 50 stores on, and I’d love to be a permanent fixture. That’s up to you.

-Schedule online sessions with me. I am available for both phone and webcam sessions.


I have a high-quality HD webcam and fast connection. Even though I may not be able to physically sink in my claws, I have a very devious mind and can still weasel my way into your brain, crafting a theatre of the mind. I especially love it if you have a webcam also, and toys! Bring your anal toys, vibes, panties, sissy clothes…whatever floats your boat. Email to schedule and handle the tribute directly with me, no third party memebership websites.

Visit my wishlist.



I have everything from affordable items to luxury gifts, and I update it regularly. I love to put new outfits and shoes on there for video clips, and household items I need!

-Follow me on all social networks!


Twitter – Sexy candid pics all the time, what I’m up to, who I’m hangin with, when I’m available on webcam, and much more!

FetLife -Like Facebook for kinky folks!

Facebook – I update almost everyday with lots of pics, stuff I like, and what I’m up to!

and of course my blog!


See how easy it is? My email: kelle @ kelle martina . com


Hope to hear from you soon,

Miss Kelle

Your Burning Questions Answered!




One week from now, I’ll be posting a free video here answering any questions you might have! Leave your questions in the comment box below(and a name, if you want a mention). I’ll be providing complete honesty on any question, so here is your opportunity to ask that burning query!

Want to know my favorite dessert? The dirty details of my last sexy encounter? Have I ever made someone cry? My bra size, shoe size? This offer only lasts through the week, so get in all your questions!


Miss Kelle Martina