One Month Till Christmas!

I have updated and cleaned up my Amazon Wishlist for Christmas! Yay! It’s less than a month away, so I want you to show your devotion this holiday for a very special woman who makes you smile.
In the past year I have gained so many great new fans, slaves, and friends that I am so thankful for! So show me the love this year, boys!

My wishlist is organized into 4 categories, as you can see.



“Lingerie and Fetish”: This is my default list, that all the sexy things go into. Of course, it’s the most often shopped. I wonder why? 😉

If you love seeing me in sexy things, shop here for me! You will probably see it in a clip or two, or in-person if you book a session with me. I love to show off my new clothes, outfits, and accessories! Right now I’ve been craving a lot of fetish items. Leather gloves, strappy lingerie, and shiny dresses and catsuits.



“Top Wanted Gifts”: This is what I really want right now! Random things, sexy things, useful things. Vibrators and onsie pyjamas, jewelry and cosy socks. My tastes are kind of all over the place.



“Pamper”: This is for my super-duper good boys. Things in this list may be luxury items, small items for my house, and generally things that make my life better. Don’t you want to treat your Princess right? 🙂


I also have a “Books” list with everything from erotica, kink, to practical how-to type books. I’m a voracious reader and cultivate a library on a wide range of topics. Want to contribute?

I know you boys will spoil me, but how much? Hehe.

I’m thinking of doing a guided wishlist Christmas video. Ideas? Suggestions? Maybe I’ll put the first part on YouTube, and the second in my Clips4Sale store with the ‘good parts’. I want to hear your feedback!

Keep Playing,

Miss Kelle