Video: Addicted to Love

Inspired by not one, but 5 different slaves over the past 3 years, I bring you a masterpiece of emotional sadism. Cum eating instruction is really incidental to the true pain that this clip can evoke. It’s impactful because of the truth of the words I speak. It’s intimate, biting, utterly seductive yet cruel.

Think it’s about you? I don’t know, if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!




You are in love with me. Just admit it. We both know it’s true. Since the moment you met me, you have been addicted. You’d do anything for me. You already have. You’re always sending me gifts, trying to gain my approval and attention. You are just so love. Yes, you find me sexually attractive, but it’s my mind that you have fallen head over heels for.
You both hate and love the way I could so easily break your heart with a few well placed words. But I’ll keep stringing you along and you’ll keep begging for more…all because you’re too afraid to imagine your life without me. I’m everything you’ve always dreamed of in a woman. You think I don’t know exactly what I’m doing? That I don’t calculate every little move I make with you? So go ahead, stroke for me now. You’ll eat your cum while you look right into my eyes.
The most seductive CEI imaginable. You’re already in love, it’s not like you can say no to me.
This clip includes: cum eating instruction, masturbation instruction, love addiction, fetish clothing, tease & denial, addiction, heart breaker, home wrecker, seduction, and FemDom POV.
*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.
Price: $10.99  USD
Length: 10 minutes