Halloween Week!

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays, because I LOVE dressing up. I have been doing it since I can remember, and Halloween celebrates donning a new costume and personality. Add in an extra dose of creepy, and it’s even better!

Yesterday I got into the Halloween spirit by staying in with blankets, candles, and my adorable girlfriend while we marathoned a bunch of creepy movies!

So I got this brilliant idea to run a full week of Halloween themed clips for the days leading up to the day itself…and I’m really excited to share my masterpieces! I’ve got a sadistic inmate, creepy little girl, angels, demons, and goddesses all making an appearance. I am publishing the usual categories on the usual days as well, so you’ll still get your dose of forced bi, hypnotism, cum eating instruction, masturbation instruction, and more!

Today is already day 3 of Halloween week, so look forward to tonight’s update at 10PM EST!


Day 1: Convicted Cocksucker
Forced Bi Revenge in Prison!


Day 2: Summoning The Demon
A young witch will do anything to grow a real cock!


Day 3: The Goddess of Love

(To be published tonight!)
Tune in to my clip store all this week for more updates!


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Miss Kelle