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Gifts Roundup

I recently received several awesome gifts and wanted to show them off. Thank you to everyone who makes me feel spoiled regularly!


I got this gorgeous new baby from a slave eager to get on my good side before I abused him in an in-person session. It worked…mostly. 😉

Picture 3749Picture 3750



I got these in the mail to replace a similar pair that someone wanted me to destroy for a custom video that never happened. Oh well, now I have two shiny blue leggings! Never a bad thing.

Picture 3743


I got these adorable Japanese lunchbox, too. I can’t stop making cute bento boxes now! I love practical gifts!


Picture 3745

This shoe-a-day desk calendar gift arrived from Mr. K with a lovely note and a crisp $100 bill. That’s definitely a way to get good karma before your next session!

Picture 3737

Picture 3751Picture 3752

Picture 3762


Picture 3773

Picture 3790


From @bilwyboy, a plethora of gifts!

He donated a gift card to Victoria’s Secret so I could get a couple new full super sexy lingerie sets, bra +thong+garter belts. He’ll be thanked with a private sexy video.

For Christmas, he also got me a a sexy dress, bath oils, a new dildo from my favorite brand, and a book to go with it! He’s a very good boy.

Lingerie for my body? Books for my mind? Items to pamper my home?

Want to spoil me as well? Check out my wishlist!


Thanks everyone,

Miss Kelle