Kelle's Birthday!

So, on May4th, I’ll be turning twenty!

Bye bye teenage years…

Since some of you have been asking about what I’d like for my birthday, here are some presents that are at the top of my list:

Green Ipod nano 8GB

Nikon CoolPix, in Green

PUMA Women’s Voltaic Ripstop Sneaker, Blue and White, Size 6

You can find these items on my Amazon Wishlist Here , plus lots of other gifts like lingerie, shoes, books, and furniture.

Looking forward to my birthday!

Quote of the Day

This cracked me up. Note: names have been changed to protect the guilty.

BoobsMcGee: i would only go to ren faires to look at the boobs

COEDKELLE:Yes, got lots of that
COEDKELLE : hahaha

BoobsMcGee: at ren faires?
COEDKELLE : and lots of beer

BoobsMcGee: i don’t think non busty women should go to ren faires

HAHAHAHA. No, I don’t go to renfaire to look at boobs, but apparently this is a popular pasttime.

Poison Garden

It has been a little pet project ideas of mine for some time, to have a little garden of only poisonous plants(a great interest of mine).

Apparently the Duchess of Northumberland got to it before me.

Check out this awesome article about her sprawling gardens, the poison garden being of particular interest.

I’d like to start with a belladonna plant, foxglove, morning glory, monkshood. I’d like to pick plants that are smallish,  not huge ones. How pretty.



 Morning Glory

 Monkshood aka Wolfsbane


I’m sensing a purple theme here…and I like it 🙂

What do you think?


So this Easter I dyed eggs using all natural methods. I did some research and used beets, red cabbage, and tumeric.

When the eggs are in the boiled beet water overnight, yeild a dark red, which turns to reddish olive green splotches when dry. It kinda looked like a dinosaur egg!

The boiled red cabbage water turned the eggs a deep robins egg blue overnight! When You mix in baking soda with the red cabbage juice, it turns green! This also made very pretty eggs.

The tumeric made the eggs a deep gold. So now my eggs are very pretty and I shall be making deviled eggs here soon! haha.

In other news, Miss Snow got me a fabulous new dildo which was used on me by a friend and I give it 5 thumbs up! (or is that two legs up?) I made a huge mess, which is usually a good thing 😀

Come see me on cam and I’ll show you 😉

These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

(In no particular order)


When the first flowers come up in the Spring(in my neck of the woods, it’s the crocus).

Riding in the back of a car on the highway in the summer with loud music playing.

Dark chocolate.

Oatmeal and tea mornings. Oatmeal with Raisins, Walnuts, and Cinnamon and Earl Grey, Twinings of London.

Red silk velvet.

Eating around the stone of a fresh mango over the sink. It’s messy 😛

Basalmic vinegar.

100% silk satin sheets. I’ve never had them, but if it’s anything like curling up with a bolt of it at the fabric store, then it must be heavenly.

My costuming books.

Singing to showtunes. Wicked, Cabaret, The Sound of Music, and The Scarlet Pimpernel to name a few.

Silky Hair and Furniture

I have a friend who works at as a hair stylist and she had this big crate full of hair products she didn’t need. I grabbed some bottles of shampoo and conditioner for straight hair and my hair feels sooo soft. It’s so silky and sexy I just can’t keep my fingers out of it! I am wearing my hair down tonight, and I hardly ever wear my hair down when I’m camming, just cause it gets in the way. But it feel so wonderful, I just can’t help it.


In other news, I am once again searching craigslist for some interesting bargain furniture to furnish my apartment.

It would be great if I could find an inexpensive victorian velvet couch(and don’t tell me they don’t exist because they do, I’ve seen it!) Mmmm….velvet. Yes, I have expensive tastes, but a frugal mind. Haha.


So I was chatting with a friend online about getting some sort of self protection device. I’m not exactly living in a dangerous area like I was last year, but bad things happen everywhere. A little girl like me still needs to protect herself and well, I’m not exactly going to over power someone with brute force.

I always envisoned myself walking down a dark street at night and someone ran at me trying to attack me, but little did my attacker know that I had a knife strapped to my thigh like a spy, and BAM! stabby stab stab!

While that image might be cool, mace seems more practical. But then I’d have to rummage in my purse for it, wasting precious time.

Which brings me to tasers. As my friend put it, while he was watching police videos, “When a guy gets sprayed with mace, he starts yelling. When he is yelling and gets hit with a taser, he suddenly gets very compliant and starts begging.” I liked the begging imagery.

Nowadays, tasers come in all sorts of FASHION colors!

Don’t you love this image from their website?

Vicious blond in white (and high heels) takes down muscled, tattooed, goatee-wearing, bat- yielding attacker in black!

 Fabo, no?

Unfortunately they are rather pricey, but my B-Day’s coming up! haha

Animal Adventures

I took my little not- so fuzzy ferret to the vet today. I bought her a carrier the other day since she can’t be running around in the car, obviously. She didn’t like being in a box as much as some pets I know 😉 but she calmed down eventually.  The vet and vet tech were really great with her. She is finally getting some of her undercoat back that was bare before, but the vet said that she was displaying many signs of adrenal gland disease, and gave her an implant for the treatment. It was a huge needle but she barely twitched. What a good girl 🙂

They sent her home with some ear meds and otherwise is looking pretty good.

In other news, I bought a blender and tons of frozen fruit on a late night grocery run and have been going a bit smoothie-crazy. I just love fruit! Mmmm…

Today was such a nice day,and my little starter plants are coming along so nicely I was able to put my peas and carrot plants in the ground. I have a nice big planter and I put some wildflower seeds in there too. In a couple months it should all be coming along quite nicely. Can’t wait for those home grown tomatoes! Mmmm…

Guess I’m hungry with all these Mmmm’s. I should have a snack.

Returned from LA

So the Wicked Eden crew is back from DomCon. Yes, we came back a week ago, but between recovering from jet lag, and then catching a nasty bug, it’s been a bit since I felt like writing.

I had a fantastic time. I met many beautiful and wonderful Dominas such as Goddess Max, Mistress Precious, Goddess Pele, and Mistress Ellen, among many others.

At the Passive Arts Fetish Ball party, I had a wonderful spanking from the very beautiful Goddess Max. It was a very intense experience. It was a bit hard to stand up afterwards. I spent the rest of the night in a cage with Miss Snow sitting on top in a big chair. I was more interested in the cutie in the cage with me.

The morning of the day of our departure was the Mistresses tea. Miss Snow made a great serving tray, one that straps around the back and around the neck. I wore a very cute red maid dress, with collar, cuffs, and matching stockings. I helped serve tea(which was a bit tricky on my attached tray), and I sploshed a few cups but none ever tipped or fell over. She made the tray large enough for sissies too!

Preparing for DomCon

It’s getting closer to that time! I am trying to eat healthier and get in shape so I can look my best. This afternoon I did a ballet workout with Miss Snow, which was a lot of fun–but tomorrow I may not be thinking the same thing! I could really feel the burn in my abs doing very graceful crunches…with some luck I’ll see some results in a few weeks.

I will be in town for a few more weeks and will be available for sessions during that time. I’ve had a great time doing double sessions with Miss Snow and am looking forward to doing more one-on-one submissive sessions!

In getting ready for DomCon I am searching for the perfect dress! I’d really like to find something red and short and corset laced up the back. I think that would look so hot, don’t you? Well…back to work now!

Naughty thoughts,

slave kelle