HR 669: The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act

Someone brought this bill to my attention today.

I wonder if it will pass. I highly doubt it, but you know, stranger things have happened in the US.

Basically, it is a bill that would ban the breeding, sale, rehoming, or relocation of any non-native animals in the US(pets).

This is due to the negative effects of animals being relocated and propagating in their non-native environment , destroying or heavily impacting it’s new environment.

However, this bill is not very specific towards certain animals. That means if the Red Spined Gilly¬†Gerbil has an ideal environment in Texas, and there is a chance they could form “feral colonies” in Texas, they would also be banned in every state, including Alaska even if they cannot survive cold weather conditions.

Note Bene: The Red Spined Gilly Gerbil is not an existing animal, that I am aware of.

Read the blog. It’s more in depth than I could possibly be, and more intelligent than the “OMG stop HR 669! They will take away ALL PETS omg111!!”

This has been a public service announcement from Kelle.