So this Easter I dyed eggs using all natural methods. I did some research and used beets, red cabbage, and tumeric.

When the eggs are in the boiled beet water overnight, yeild a dark red, which turns to reddish olive green splotches when dry. It kinda looked like a dinosaur egg!

The boiled red cabbage water turned the eggs a deep robins egg blue overnight! When You mix in baking soda with the red cabbage juice, it turns green! This also made very pretty eggs.

The tumeric made the eggs a deep gold. So now my eggs are very pretty and I shall be making deviled eggs here soon! haha.

In other news, Miss Snow got me a fabulous new dildo which was used on me by a friend and I give it 5 thumbs up! (or is that two legs up?) I made a huge mess, which is usually a good thing 😀

Come see me on cam and I’ll show you 😉