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Traffic Light Cock Control

Green means go, and red means stop! I am going to give you a nice long edging session using my traffic light cues. I’ll make you stop and go until you can’t take it anymore. Can you cum exactly when I tell you or will it be GAME OVER before you can blow your load? Red lips, red nails, shiny black shoes, top and miniskirt…it’s going to be a tough call.

The masturbation game you’ve all been waiting for!

This clip includes: masturbation games, edging games, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement, orgasm control, tease and denial, and FemDom POV.


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Sister’s Panty Drawer

What are you doing in my room? Why are my panties all over? They aren’t even clean! I told you to do my laundry while I was gone. Instead you’ve been in here jerking off for my panties haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it! I bet I know what I’ll find if I pull down your pants right now. Those are my panties! Just as I suspected. You are such a little sissy. You really like wearing your sister’s panties, huh? Show me what you do in my room when I’m gone. First, put these lacy panties on your head!

Your sister catches you in her panty drawer and humiliation doesn’t begin to describe it.

This clip includes: panty fetish, forced fem, sissy humiliation, verbal humiliation, brat girls, sissy training, taboo, and FemDom POV.


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Doomed By Love

You are hopelessly in love with a mortal woman and pray to the Goddess of Love. After months of weeping, kneeling, offering rituals, she finally appears to you. She will grant you what you wish — for the woman of your dreams to fall in love with you—but only if you offer her appropriate tribute. You must make your choice, and if she is displeased, you will fall in love with her forever. As a Goddess, you could never satisfy her, but will be doomed to love one who will never return your affections. You will wander as a shell of the man you used to be for the rest of your days.

As you gaze upon her otherwordly beauty, you become both desperate and aroused. Your brain isn’t thinking properly, and you offer the only thing that is on your mind…spilling your sperm. You choose the gift of a cum tribute. Will the Goddess accept it and grant your wish, or doom you to love her?

The Goddess of Love appears once again to toy with mere mortals.

This clip includes: love addiction, masturbation instruction, love addiction, erotic magic, magic control, supernatural, Goddess worship, and FemDom POV.


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You Know You Like Cock

You need some up close and personal forced bi encouragement. Let my words soak in. I know much better than you do. You know you like cock. Admit it to me, but most of all to yourself. Say it out loud. Be proud to be my cock loving bitch. You want a thick cock right in your mouth right now, don’t you. The more aroused you get, the harder it is to deny that you want this. It’s all for me. I’m the one who wants this the most. If it’s hard to swallow remember you’re doing it all for me…but only because it’s what you want too.

Sensual bi encouragment from your adorable Mistress.

This clip includes: forced bi, masturbation encouragement, mind fuck, cock worship, oral training, pigtails, schoolgirl, and FemDom POV.


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Super Soaker

I want you to completely soak yourself in a huge cum bath. Now, to produce enough cum to do that, I’ll need to guide you through an intense edging session. The one tool you will need to produce an extra bi, explosive load will be a buttplug. I want you to use it on yourself as I instruct. If you don’t have one, it’s time invest. You can use your fingers but it will only make it more difficult for you to achieve a big creamy facial. Follow along as I stroke you into a super soaking, cum eating finish!

Sensual, sexy, and effective!

This clip includes: cum eating instruction, forced orgasms, orgasm control, edging games, cum countdown, anal instructions, and FemDom POV.


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Bigger Than You

You hear the powerful footsteps coming closer. It’s her! The giant girl! Well, I guess from her point of veiw she is normal and I’m the one who is tiny! When she picks me up, I’m the size of her fingernail! She says she’s never seen a man as tiny as me! He chomps her big teeth at me to prove she swallow me whole without even trying. She makes fun of me for being naked…she says my penis is the size of a flea! That’s not really true…my penis is much smaller. It’s not my fault, I can’t find clothes when I’m this tiny. When she finally sets me down, I can’t even run. I’m frozen in fear! I really hope she can still see me up there and doesn’t crush me! Hey! I’m still down here! HELP! Don’t crush me!

Giant girl and tiny man. The ultimate in size comparison.

This clip includes: giantess, crush, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, size comparision, and FemDom POV.


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Try On My Dress

You’re always sneaking my clothes, aren’t you sissy? I have this pretty dress…it’s very short on me so it might look like as a blouse on you. Yes, it is very sparkly isn’t it? You really want to try it on? Alright, but it’s expensive. Make sure you don’t rip it. What do you mean it looks funny? Don’t worry, just let me slip it over your sissy head. Wow, it looks really gooood on you! Are you wearing a bra under there? It almost looks like you have real tits! Oh my, they are getting bigger and bigger! Your waist is even getting smaller! Wow, and those hips…your hair is so long. When did that start growing? This dress is enchanted, little sissy. I had it done specially for you. There is no reversing the effects. You’ll look like a human barbie bimbo in minutes. Let’s go for martinis and flirt with some cute boys, shall we?

I trick you into putting on an enchanted dress that turns you into a real girl!

This clip includes: gender transformation, forced fem, sissy sluts,sissy training, and FemDom POV.


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Self-Bondage Torment

I’ll instruct you to tie up your cock. As you know, once of my favorite things to do is tease you. However, I much prefer when you suffer for it. I want you to use a shoelace and clothespin to bind your cock and balls tight for me. I’ll tease and torment you while your cock suffers, stiffens, and succumbs to my control. Can you keep from getting hard under my sensual control? If you stroke, you’ll only be in more pain…I suggest keeping your hands off, but that’s up to you. At the end of the clip, I give you a task to complete to extend your torment.

A game of mind over matter.

This clip includes: tease and denial, cock tease, cock and ball torment (CBT), masturbation games, edging games, forced orgasms, orgasm control, assignments/tasks, and FemDom POV.


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Take My Giant Cock

You’re in for a treat, little slut. It’s hard to miss it when I’ve got my monster cock strapped on. I am the Mistress of your dreams dressed like this. You feel utterly helpless when you look up at me. Why do you get so turned on by seeing me like this? Admit it, you love my big strap-on. You just can’t get enough. Worship it’s girth and length and thank me for the priviledge.

Glamorous and commanding, as usual.

This clip includes: POV strap-on, strap-on, dirty talk, glamour domme, and FemDom POV.


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Taken From Both Ends

Noel and I have strapped on a couple of the biggest dongs we could find. We plan on using and abusing you from both ends. Noel’s long cock is going to get shoved all the way down your throat, and my thick dong is going to stretch your poor asshole to the extreme. Don’t think you can take us both? See that look in our eyes? We don’t really care. You don’t have a choice.

Visit my girlfriend, Miss Noel Knight’s store!

Double duty, double cock, double the abuse.

This clip includes: POV strap-on, double domination, strap-on, leather fetish, humiliation, and FemDom POV.


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