Bigger Than You

You hear the powerful footsteps coming closer. It’s her! The giant girl! Well, I guess from her point of veiw she is normal and I’m the one who is tiny! When she picks me up, I’m the size of her fingernail! She says she’s never seen a man as tiny as me! He chomps her big teeth at me to prove she swallow me whole without even trying. She makes fun of me for being naked…she says my penis is the size of a flea! That’s not really true…my penis is much smaller. It’s not my fault, I can’t find clothes when I’m this tiny. When she finally sets me down, I can’t even run. I’m frozen in fear! I really hope she can still see me up there and doesn’t crush me! Hey! I’m still down here! HELP! Don’t crush me!

Giant girl and tiny man. The ultimate in size comparison.

This clip includes: giantess, crush, small penis humiliation, verbal humiliation, size comparision, and FemDom POV.