Try On My Dress

You’re always sneaking my clothes, aren’t you sissy? I have this pretty dress…it’s very short on me so it might look like as a blouse on you. Yes, it is very sparkly isn’t it? You really want to try it on? Alright, but it’s expensive. Make sure you don’t rip it. What do you mean it looks funny? Don’t worry, just let me slip it over your sissy head. Wow, it looks really gooood on you! Are you wearing a bra under there? It almost looks like you have real tits! Oh my, they are getting bigger and bigger! Your waist is even getting smaller! Wow, and those hips…your hair is so long. When did that start growing? This dress is enchanted, little sissy. I had it done specially for you. There is no reversing the effects. You’ll look like a human barbie bimbo in minutes. Let’s go for martinis and flirt with some cute boys, shall we?

I trick you into putting on an enchanted dress that turns you into a real girl!

This clip includes: gender transformation, forced fem, sissy sluts,sissy training, and FemDom POV.