Doomed By Love

You are hopelessly in love with a mortal woman and pray to the Goddess of Love. After months of weeping, kneeling, offering rituals, she finally appears to you. She will grant you what you wish — for the woman of your dreams to fall in love with you—but only if you offer her appropriate tribute. You must make your choice, and if she is displeased, you will fall in love with her forever. As a Goddess, you could never satisfy her, but will be doomed to love one who will never return your affections. You will wander as a shell of the man you used to be for the rest of your days.

As you gaze upon her otherwordly beauty, you become both desperate and aroused. Your brain isn’t thinking properly, and you offer the only thing that is on your mind…spilling your sperm. You choose the gift of a cum tribute. Will the Goddess accept it and grant your wish, or doom you to love her?

The Goddess of Love appears once again to toy with mere mortals.

This clip includes: love addiction, masturbation instruction, love addiction, erotic magic, magic control, supernatural, Goddess worship, and FemDom POV.