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My Big Announcement!

I promised this announcement weeks ago on my Twitter, and forgive me for the lateness. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my personal achievements, but you all have been rooting for me so here goes —

I’m officially a graduate!

In May I finally graduated with a BS in Fashion Design. It’s been a long road, and as long as I have been a fetish model, cam-girl, and pro-switch I have been in school. Crazy, right? I have to be honest, juggling both was pretty difficult, especially when I was carrying a heavy load of classes. But I can tell you I am so proud of myself for finishing. Now that I’m finished I can finally take a deep breath, and it feels like a great weight has been lifted.

I love learning new things, both kink and non-kink oriented so I am never going to stop learning and growing. So–what’s next? Don’t worry, I’m not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it makes me want to double down and go harder! Obviously, paying off my student loans goes a lot quicker when I have my fans to support me. I love what I do-truly. Nothing else gives me the creative freedom, flexibility, and opportunity to explore my own desires than doing what I do. If you have been an in-person session, a custom video customer, a clips collector, an online playtime buddy, or just a fan–you have supported me through school and what I love. I want you thank you personally.

If you’d like to celebrate my achievement with me, I’ve created a special graduation wishlist for the event. It’s stuff to help me film, stuff to expand my mind, and some stuff for ‘me time’.


If a gift isn’t in your budget, feel free to congratulate me and give me a shout-out on Twitter:)

If you want to support my work while supporting yourself *wink*, vote with your wallet for your favorites on my clips stores!




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Vacation Notice 5/7 – 5/12

I will be flying to North California to visit the Redwood National forests, see some friends, and go hiking! I have always wanted to visit, and am so excited I can make it happen this year! It’s also a belated birthday trip and early graduation gift to myself!

I’ll be unavailable  from May 7th through May 12th, but ready to play when I get home! In the interim, visit my clip store for daily fetish videos!





Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle

Gifts Roundup

I recently received several awesome gifts and wanted to show them off. Thank you to everyone who makes me feel spoiled regularly!


I got this gorgeous new baby from a slave eager to get on my good side before I abused him in an in-person session. It worked…mostly. 😉

Picture 3749Picture 3750



I got these in the mail to replace a similar pair that someone wanted me to destroy for a custom video that never happened. Oh well, now I have two shiny blue leggings! Never a bad thing.

Picture 3743


I got these adorable Japanese lunchbox, too. I can’t stop making cute bento boxes now! I love practical gifts!


Picture 3745

This shoe-a-day desk calendar gift arrived from Mr. K with a lovely note and a crisp $100 bill. That’s definitely a way to get good karma before your next session!

Picture 3737

Picture 3751Picture 3752

Picture 3762


Picture 3773

Picture 3790


From @bilwyboy, a plethora of gifts!

He donated a gift card to Victoria’s Secret so I could get a couple new full super sexy lingerie sets, bra +thong+garter belts. He’ll be thanked with a private sexy video.

For Christmas, he also got me a a sexy dress, bath oils, a new dildo from my favorite brand, and a book to go with it! He’s a very good boy.

Lingerie for my body? Books for my mind? Items to pamper my home?

Want to spoil me as well? Check out my wishlist!


Thanks everyone,

Miss Kelle



How to Edge Your Cock

You know, you’re doing it wrong. The jerking off thing. It’s supposed to be practice for when you get to have sex. What, you didn’t know that? I like a man that lasts a long time but you’ll never last more than a few minutes the way you jerk like a rabbit with a deathgrip. Let me show you how to last a long time. Maybe you’re already familiar with the concept of edging, but practice makes perfect.

Let me show you how to edge your cock to last the longest.

This clip includes: edging games, masturbation instruction, masturbation games, orgasm control, tease and denial, cock tease, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.


Buy it here:

Video: Interview with

Go check out my interview!

I recently had a wonderful interview with slaveboy from He asked me some interesting questions and I had a blast.

Here’s what he had to say about it!

“After conducting interviews with some of the most beautiful and seductive women I have ever encountered, I thought I was prepared for anything.  Of course, the gorgeous and teasing Miss Kelle Martina had other ideas and for the entire duration of this interview, she teased and played with me with her every response.  I will admit, at times I had a little trouble coming up with my next question, something that greatly amused Miss Kelle I’m sure.  Enjoy this sizzling interview below and I know you enjoyed her sexy intro clip.  I’m quite sure Miss Kelle would be pleased if you read this while kneeling, I know it seemed appropriate as I asked her the questions!”

Go check out my interview!

Video: Chastity and Keyholding

Yes, before you ask, I do offer keyholding on a per week schedule.

Distance Keyholding: $50/week, which includes 2 emails and IM contact. Phone/Cam packages available for chastity slaves.

Email me with what you’re looking for in a keyholder, and the minimum and maximum you’d be planning on staying in your chastity device, and I can give you your weekly tribute. Have your keys ready to send to me, as I accept serious applicants only!