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I love Summer!

I love the hot weather, bright sunshine, green plants, warm breeze.

Fresh fruits, cold drinks, crisp salads.

I just love summer. I can’t wait to go camping. The only thing that BUGS me are ticks. Everything else I’m pretty good with 🙂
I enjoy being outdoors so much, I feel so much more me. Hiking, identifying plants, wading in the water. I would love to find a nice place to go in Hocking Hills perhaps, with a waterfall!

Like this! Can you say skinny dipping?


I know you were wondering what my favorite summertime snack is.

Cool Whip and fresh raspberries!

At the grocery store there was a sale for raspberries, 10 for $10. Which considering raspberry prices, is a steal.

So I got 10 packages and now they are peacefully sleeping in freezer bags in my freezer. Of course I can’t stop snacking on them before they freeze either…mmm so tasty.

I also broke out this delicious raspberry wine I recieved as a gift. Pure Heaven. So anything that tastes like real raspberries(no “raspberry flavored” things…like jello, bleh) is a winner with me.

God, I love summer.