Small Dick Humiliation

Here is another interest of mine that you’re either REALLY into, or not, and I will just make you cry.



Small Penis Humilation. Small Dick Humilation. Little Winky Dick. Dicklets-R-Us. However you want to say it, there are lots of men out there who have small penises and they have eroticized the humilation of their small appendage. What is small? Well, if you want my definitions you will have to wait for my video “You Don’t Measure Up” due next week.

But what I love about SPH is that it’s what ever the man thinks is small! I’ve met men with completely above average size who are into SPH! And I love them for it. Because making a man blubber and cry about his little dicklet is fun for all sizes! Whether it’s a normal sized dick, or a puny little pecker, I have a lot of fun. Always at your expense.