Being a Switch

As a switch, I often get the question: “Are you more Dominant or submissive?”

Which, to me, is a bit like another question I get often: “Do you like men or women more?”

The answer is the same answer to just about everything. No one likes this answer, but it’s the truth.

It depends.

It depends on my partner. It depends on their energy and mine. If they are more Dominant than me, I will naturally feel more submissive. Vice versa. If they are more submissive(and I can sense these things quite well) than me, I will naturally fall into a more Dominant role.

It happens within the first few minutes of meeting someone and it develops over time. With certain people the power energies are very similar, and we can find ourselves switching back and forth. All ways are fun!

When I first arrived at Wicked Eden, as a fresh-faced 18 year old I was very much completely submissive. I had dreams of being a full time slave. I never thought I could Dominate someone for a whole hour, let alone more than that! Over the years, I have learned so much and really developed both sides of myself and can fully enjoy both roles. Having a perspective on submission makes me an even better Dominant(As commented on by more than one submissive). I delight in having a new victims to torment! Today, I find it natural to Dominate someone for extended sessions and even over the course of our power dynamic together.

As for the sexuality question the answer is: It depends on the person. Sexiness and genitals are irrelevant if I find for a second that what’s between your ears is unattractive.