Clip of the Week: Assassin Beatdown

How can I explain how much fun this clip was to film? 20 full minutes of me kicking ass! It was a custom commissioned by a boy who obviously fantasized about me beating the crap out of him! My male model was the lucky recipient of my ‘wrath’. There is smoking, I burn his nipples with my cigarette butt, and my signature style is clearly laid out in this clip. I go from sweetly teasing him sensually with my body, licking the end of my whip and rubbing against him to viciously attacking him with my biting leather flogger and kicking him with my tall leather boots!

I discounted this clip because I love my fans, so go buy it!



I am clad head to toe in leather in this assassin clip. My victim sold out to the other side. I don’t take kindly to traitors and I have simply been ordered to dispatch him. Kindess or mercy has no place here. I simply take sadstic pleasure in his pain as I abuse him.

My cigarette butt finds his nipple. My high heeled boots kick him again and again. His balls, stomach, whatever part of his body is closest gets the swiftest kicks! As he lies there in pain, I smother him with my body, my ass, and rub against his poor manhood until I get my jollies, leaving him unable to breathe.

Sexy and sadistic beatdown. Have you ever been beat up by a girl?

Instead of heavily editing this clip (since honestly, it’s all hot and no parts of it deserve to be cut out) I am offering this longer clip at a heavily discounted price!

This clip includes: Leather fetish, boots, fetish clothing, smoking, kicking, ball busting, smother, BDSM, and female domination.>

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.

Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 21 minutes
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