You Look Tasty

Hey, are you going to go get lunch? I’m starving. You want me to get it? C’mon, just go out and pick up lunch for me, please? I have been doing this new workout with my trainer, and I’ve never felt so ravenous in my life. I must be burning through a million calories. I’m so hungry I could eat you whole right now. I’m not kidding! Maybe just a little nibble? C’mon, just let me take a tiny bite. I’ll stop after one finger…I’m so starving. Hey, where are you going? What do you mean I’m scaring you. That’s nothing! Just watch this! I open my mouth wider than you’ve ever seen and you are frozen with fear. Before you know it, I’ve swallowed you whole. I rub my belly, satisfied but very full!

An intimate vore fantasy!

HD 1920 x 1080