Small Dick Humilation

“Is my cock big enough for you, Princess?”

If you have to ask, No.

In a first contact email do you really think I want to see pathetic and awful photos taken with your webcam of your limp noodle? No, I do not.

However, if we are engaged in a session(online or in person) and I have the time and mental fortitude to insult your dicklet in the proper fashion, please feel free to show me photos of your dingle. Bonus points if you bring a sharpie so I can draw on and annotate as I desire.

So please, before you hit send on the email that you didn’t even bother to spellcheck(yet took the time to attach each photo of your wee-wee), think first, “Is she really going to be over joyed to see a bald man drowning in a hairy ocean when she opens her inbox today?”

I think not.