Panties and Boys


Do you ever find yourself taking shadowy portraits of yourself?

Do those portraits involve frilly panties, slutty stockings, stuffed bras?

Is your idea of heaven my fully stocked underwear drawer?

Or is it my dirty hamper with my little girly thongs and panties?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are probably a panty boi. According to, a panty boy is “It’s quite simple really, a boy who likes panties”.

Which, while true, is only really the tip of the iceberg.

I envision a boy sneaking through my underwear drawer…picking up each one, smelling them, cuddling them, trying them on.

Imagine my horror when I discover you in you room stretching out my beloved lingerie! Would I make you wear them on your face while you get down on your knees to beg for my forgiveness? Would I promptly swat your ass with a cane wearing those paper thin lace panties? Or would I make you spill your boy goo in my stretched out panties and send you home to buy me three more pairs to replace them?

Probably all three, but wouldn’t you rather experience it first hand? As you can probably tell, I’m definitely in the mood for a panty boi punishment!