One of my sessions this week was an excellent rope bondage session. 3 blissful hours, a basket full of hemp rope and a fun little back massager put to other uses.

They were quite strict ties, and I enjoyed every moment, even when my hands when all numb and tingly. It was all part of the sensation. I loved feeling the rope against my skin, pulling me taut, not letting me move, not even a little.

It’s so warm, and secure and floaty…such a lovely feeling. Can’t wait to play with that rope again!

Sexy Uniform

I was browsing Trashy.com, a great place for sexy and HOT lingerie and costumes, when I happened across this one.


This little ensemble would be smashing on Miss Snow and Mistress Yve(Though I’m sure she’d never wear that short skirt, and definately not around you, Ha!). I can just imagine a good cop, bad cop scenario involving a bright light, a desk, a dirty chair, lots of rope, and a secret I’m not willing to divulge.

Well, not unless there are a lot of spankings, and electrical “torture” devices…I’m not talkin’.

Miss Noel…are you with me on this one?

Someone has a purple butt…

…and it’s not me!

I just wanted everyone to know that Miss Noel in her hedonistic nature and unending desire for spankings has now a very purple and red butt. We were practicing some spanking, flogging and caning techniques on a very lucky slave bob and Miss Noel, who of course practically jumped up and down at the chance to get hit again(fucking masochists). So now her butt is purple. I think you should all go visit her on cam and make fun of her. Make her poke it.


Baby Got Back

I had soem very fun sessions this week. Of course most of my sessions involve spanking…I wonder why. Is it my delcious butt? Perhaps?

Of course all of us ladies at WE have delicious butts. (But you’d better not say that to Miss Snow or Mistress Yve if you still want your balls). I’m partial to a nice round butt and am starting to like spankings even more lately.

Miss Snow says I need to start learnign how to take her strap on in my ass…butt I’m scared. I never seem to have problems putting my strap on in other boys butts, butt this one baffles me.

Oh great Goddess give me courage!


Just wanted to see how many butts I could fit in one blog.

The Guy at the Gym

Today at the gym, I saw this muscle bound fellow with a tight gray tank top, with the words,


written just so.

Well put, Sir.

While trying to find a picture of this shirt to post here for comic effect, I find that this is in fact a quote from a song, by a fellow who writes songs with hilarious titles…one of which I am linking here.

Butt Ugly Slut


I had a wonderful time at Miss Noel’s and Audrie’s new place. We had a housewarming/cookout…which was also going to be a pool party but it was not very hot and a little rainy, so pooh. I even brought my yum-a-licious gold lame bikini. Oh well. Maybe we’ll just have a bikini party in the tub next time 😛

Anyway, we made salads and grilled veggies, and mixed drinks…one too many for some of us. *ahem*

We played some fun board games, and most of the night was a sexy blur afterwards.

I just love when parties turn into lesbian orgies…but I don’t kiss and tell. You’d have to call me for that. 😛

My Garden

So far my little apartment garden has yeilded some peas, which I have promptly washed and eaten since I didn’t plant enough to be able to harvest enough at one time to make anything with, silly me.

But today my carrots were ready! Three of the most oddly shaped carrots I’ve ever seen, but mine none the less. So shall I put them in salad, a fresh veggie soup, or sauteed with some other veggies with a vinagrette?

Choices choices. One of them looks like a little man with a really long penis and the other one looks like a girls legs. One of them is normal looking.


Girls Girls Girls

So now that Miss Audrie and Miss Noel’s bedroom’s are all set up for webcam sessions…(and they are so cute!)…I’m secretly hoping I get to be invited over for some double trouble cam shows!

Ok…ok…I’ll keep wishing. I’m just a horny slut.

Hey Noel! Post some pics of you in your adorable new room!!

Last Weekend

So I had a great time at ComFest. I got my boobies painted with Miss Audrie…but since I don’t have a camera and Miss Audrie seems to have misplaced hers guess what. No pictures for you to perve on!

Of course this can be remedied very quickly since I still have a camera on my wishlist 😉

I had fun partying it up with my friends, but no girly action for me cause girls suck 😛

Dammit, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. C’est la vie.