Vacation Notice

 I’m going to be gone for vacation from July 27th – Aug 9th. But don’t worry I’ll be back on Monday August 10th and ready to play! Where am I going? I am going camping for two weeks in the middle ages! Yeah, I have a time machine and you don’t. Haha!I do historical recreation as a hobby and Pennsic is a huge annual event I always make time for every year. I have been very busy packing and preparing and I am so excited! So I’m going to go live like a princess, courtesan, godly sister, or whatever I feel like being on that particular day. I love taking classes in the daytime, and going to crazy parties at night. I love having all day to cook a meal if I want, or go pay someone to make one for me! Skinny dipping, belly dancers, shopping, dancing…ahh…it’s the life for me!

If you miss me in the meantime you can check out my pics and videos on iFriends!

XOXO Kelle