On Kindness and Cuteness

Today I was at my local grocery store, and was waiting in line at the self checkout.

The next lane had one open and the man behind me who supposed himself to be a gentleman, said “Hey, this one’s open,” and gestured me towards it.

“Oh, thank you.” Said I with a smile. As a checked out my groceries, he said to me, “If you’da been a dude I would have taken it myself!”

I resisted the urge to say anything. I just glared at my checkout screen.

DUDE, if you’re going to be nice to me, try doing it because I’m a human being, not because I’m a girl in tight workout pants.

I open doors for people not because they are a chick, or a dude, or an old lady or whoever. I just do it cause it’s nice.

DUDES take heed. I realize many men were raised to be extra kind to ladies, and I’m not one of those feminists who glare at guys who open the door for me. But being a gentleman in my book means being nice to everyone, not just the cute girls.