Lucious Locks

For those of you who know me, know that I have a very prominent feature. My long chocolate hair, reaching past my tailbone.

It truly is my crowning glory. I take very good care of my hair, and while it’s one of those ‘weird’ things about me that probably prevents me from ever truly being ‘trendy’, I think that’s just fine.

I have not yet crossed paths with any true hair fetishists –with the exception of one Alaskan boy who not only brushed, stroked and worshipped my hair, but also gifted me with a trip to my favorite long-hair salon in Columbus, Rapunzel’s.

I absolutely love having my hair pampered. I don’t mean fancy shampoos or hair products–those I avoid and stick to all natural hair care. I mean brushing, petting, scalp massage, braiding, combing(always beginning at the bottom to comb out the tangles). Who knows, perhaps I have even turned on a few boys to the delight of my silky hair brushing against their bare skin whilst unable to move, or smelling the sweet scent of my locks. I think that’s a not-so-secret indulgence of many men anyway, being able to breathe in the perfume of a beautiful woman’s hair.

I’ve only really cut my hair once, so that it barely brushed the points of my breasts, still quite long by most standards. I still had a 13 inch braid to donate after that! Now that it’s getting longer, I have having trouble managing it. Good thing there are all sorts of beautiful ‘hairtoys’ for longhairs like me! Most of the one’s you can buy at a regular store are too wimpy to hold up my hair now!