Corsets and Garters

Great Dame by LaurenWK

Corsets and Garter Belts(with attached stockings). These are the prime elements of feminine lingerie, and without a doubt, the most popular.

Corsets are so loved for their bodysculpting qualities. Dommes wear them, subs wear them, sissy boys wear them. They sculpt us into the ideal female figure, the hourglass. They can be restrictive, imposing, labor our breathing, make us vulnerable, make us feel sexy. They thrust out the breasts, and accentuate the curve of the buttocks, and when worn alone, only serve to highlight our nakedness and feminine appeal. The constricting corset exposes the rest of our flesh, making the wearer’s private parts even more sensitive.

Garter belts create contrast around a woman’s most alluring sexual organs. It creates a frame, drawing the eye in. Not to mention, when walking, a woman feels the soft fabric of the stockings, and the rubbing of the garter straps in a place that doesn’t usually get much attention. This arouses the wearer, and helps her feel more of her sexual power.

These are only some of the reasons I love corsets and garters. Some corsets even come with detachable garter straps. How delightful!