Birthday :)

My birthday is coming up this Tuesday, mark your calendars – April 5th!

The presents are lining up already, and this is shaping up to be my best birthday yet!

In case you’re wondering how to treat me:

A quick overview of my wardrobe has found that I am severely lacking in feitsh items, as much as I love them. So here’s what’s on my must-have list this year.

1) Pull on stretch boots, black, size 6. Sleek and hot. NO LACES! Those things are a pain when I go to get dresses.

2) Stockings! I seem to go through these like water. My favorite are plain black(no stay ups or lace) with or without seams, and sheer.

3)Gift Cards for Clothing. I am hard to fit, so this is the best route to go. My favorites are: (latex) (corsets) (sexy clothing for curvy girls)


See you around!