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Double Trouble

Today I had a great session. I was so sad when it was over!
I got to do a session with a very lucky guy and a new cute and bratty trainee, Audrey. We were spanked and gagged and blindfolded together. She’s just so much fun to play with and tease, and makes such sexy little noises when she gets spanked!
I had a great time playing with her today…she was complaining she didn’t get enough spanking.

Any takers want to help me? *evil grin*

Sexy Summer Shoes

As summer in Ohio is officially here I find myself skint on sexy summer shoes. Well, ones I can actually walk around in for a length of time, like at the mall and around town. That’s why I love wedge sandals. Sexy height without the walking on stilts feeling I get in stilletos(as much as I love them). Now you boys who love to see me and my cute toes would have to agree how much sexy sandals rock.

I’ve added some new shoes to my wishlist.

I need a sexy shoe that’s comfy and I can wear it every day, with just about anything.

 Don’t these look so comfy and cute?

Also looking for a pair of everyday, slightly dressy flipflops in silver(I have plenty of gold as I have a slight gold shoe obsession).

 This pair is so perfect. I have a necklace that matches the charm on these sandals! So cute!

Wouldn’t you love to help me shod my toes in such pretties?

I love Summer!

I love the hot weather, bright sunshine, green plants, warm breeze.

Fresh fruits, cold drinks, crisp salads.

I just love summer. I can’t wait to go camping. The only thing that BUGS me are ticks. Everything else I’m pretty good with 🙂
I enjoy being outdoors so much, I feel so much more me. Hiking, identifying plants, wading in the water. I would love to find a nice place to go in Hocking Hills perhaps, with a waterfall!

Like this! Can you say skinny dipping?


I know you were wondering what my favorite summertime snack is.

Cool Whip and fresh raspberries!

At the grocery store there was a sale for raspberries, 10 for $10. Which considering raspberry prices, is a steal.

So I got 10 packages and now they are peacefully sleeping in freezer bags in my freezer. Of course I can’t stop snacking on them before they freeze either…mmm so tasty.

I also broke out this delicious raspberry wine I recieved as a gift. Pure Heaven. So anything that tastes like real raspberries(no “raspberry flavored” things…like jello, bleh) is a winner with me.

God, I love summer.