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Baby Got Back

I had soem very fun sessions this week. Of course most of my sessions involve spanking…I wonder why. Is it my delcious butt? Perhaps?

Of course all of us ladies at WE have delicious butts. (But you’d better not say that to Miss Snow or Mistress Yve if you still want your balls). I’m partial to a nice round butt and am starting to like spankings even more lately.

Miss Snow says I need to start learnign how to take her strap on in my ass…butt I’m scared. I never seem to have problems putting my strap on in other boys butts, butt this one baffles me.

Oh great Goddess give me courage!


Just wanted to see how many butts I could fit in one blog.

The Guy at the Gym

Today at the gym, I saw this muscle bound fellow with a tight gray tank top, with the words,


written just so.

Well put, Sir.

While trying to find a picture of this shirt to post here for comic effect, I find that this is in fact a quote from a song, by a fellow who writes songs with hilarious titles…one of which I am linking here.

Butt Ugly Slut


I had a wonderful time at Miss Noel’s and Audrie’s new place. We had a housewarming/cookout…which was also going to be a pool party but it was not very hot and a little rainy, so pooh. I even brought my yum-a-licious gold lame bikini. Oh well. Maybe we’ll just have a bikini party in the tub next time 😛

Anyway, we made salads and grilled veggies, and mixed drinks…one too many for some of us. *ahem*

We played some fun board games, and most of the night was a sexy blur afterwards.

I just love when parties turn into lesbian orgies…but I don’t kiss and tell. You’d have to call me for that. 😛

My Garden

So far my little apartment garden has yeilded some peas, which I have promptly washed and eaten since I didn’t plant enough to be able to harvest enough at one time to make anything with, silly me.

But today my carrots were ready! Three of the most oddly shaped carrots I’ve ever seen, but mine none the less. So shall I put them in salad, a fresh veggie soup, or sauteed with some other veggies with a vinagrette?

Choices choices. One of them looks like a little man with a really long penis and the other one looks like a girls legs. One of them is normal looking.


Girls Girls Girls

So now that Miss Audrie and Miss Noel’s bedroom’s are all set up for webcam sessions…(and they are so cute!)…I’m secretly hoping I get to be invited over for some double trouble cam shows!

Ok…ok…I’ll keep wishing. I’m just a horny slut.

Hey Noel! Post some pics of you in your adorable new room!!

Last Weekend

So I had a great time at ComFest. I got my boobies painted with Miss Audrie…but since I don’t have a camera and Miss Audrie seems to have misplaced hers guess what. No pictures for you to perve on!

Of course this can be remedied very quickly since I still have a camera on my wishlist 😉

I had fun partying it up with my friends, but no girly action for me cause girls suck 😛

Dammit, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. C’est la vie.


This weekend I’ll be at ComFest here in town. Music, Art, and hippie festival. Lots of fun, lots of parties.
I have some hot girlfriends coming into town so maybe I’ll have some sexy stories to tell you about after this weekend!

Wish me luck! 😉

Get to Know Me Questions

1.     When are you most alert morning or night?


2.     What is you favorite thing to eat; vegetables, meat, or equal amounts of both?

 I like lots of veggies with a little meat.

3.     Do you prefer to be inside or outside?

 Outside, as long as it’s nice and warm.

4.     At what temperature are you most comfortable; when you are hot, cold, or warm?

 Somewhere between warm and hot.

5.     Do you like to get wet?

 Heh. Oh! Um…yes I like the pool and being around water, I just hate water in my face.

6.     Would you consider yourself as a quiet, calm person or an active person?

 Calm but not quiet.

7.     Would you rather be by yourself or with lots of other people?

 Depends on my mood, mostly I like being around other people.

 8.     What do you do when you get nervous?  Examples: do you hid? Get loud? Do something to distract yourself? Change the subject?

 Shrink away or change the subject.

9.     What do you do when you get angry? Example: shout, hit, stomp, go off by yourself

 Go off by myself or yell.

10. What do you do when you are happy? Example: bounce, smile, giggle

 Smile a lot, hug people, am talkative.

11. What do you do when you are sad? Examples: cry, go off by yourself, play sports

 Go off by myself and cry, go to sleep.

12. Do you have any interesting habits?  If so please list them (Examples might be suck on a finger, twirl hair, roll tongue, double jointed)

I don’t know that I have any. Sometimes I play with my nose ring, which is kind of gross. Ha.


So I am gearing up for Pennsic, the event of 10 centuries.

Pennsic is somewhere between a historical renactment and a Renaissance Faire that everyone’s in on. It’s camping, for two weeks, with 10,000 of your closest friends. It becomes it’s own city. It has a Mayor, roads, restaurants, a mall, a university,parties…Ohhh the parties. Everything my little history-junkie heart could want.

As this will be my seventh(already??) year to this annual event, I have decided to give back to the community, and namely the Pennsic University. Yes, I’m going to be teaching a class(possibly two). I’m nervous, but determined.

So I’m writing my outline right now for “Period Apparel for Penny-Pinchers”. Basically, how to make historical clothing on the cheap, something which I’m pretty good at.

Wish me luck!

New Trainees!

So the new trainees are here and I’m having a lot of fun with them!

I mean…um…being very professional and teaching them the ropes. And bondage ropes.

Yeah, you’re totally right. I’m so lucky, and I’m having way too much fun.

Are we going to have a hazing ceremony?