The Male Management System

I had one of my boys do a write up on a new product, which has been in the works for quite a while. Needless to say, chastity enthusiasts like Miss Noel and I are looking forward to receiving one(or more!). You know those tandem leashes for multiple dogs? I’d love to have one with multiple chastity slaves at the ends!


It has finally arrived; the DreamLover 2000 Male Management System is here. With the DL2000, Mistress will not only have you locked up, but also be keep you at her every beck and call.
The DL200 is an add-on for your CB-3000 or CB-6000 that provides on-demand electrical pulses through the locked up cock. There are various stages of intensity that can range from a mild, discrete set of signals (i.e. a pager to communicate Miss’s desires silently) up to a harsh shock designed to make you stop what you were doing wrong. There is also a K9 and leash mode to allow Mistress to meet all of her needs and desires!
Accompanying the device is not only the remote for Miss’s use in real-time, but also a wireless USB connector that can allow your Mistress to manipulate your caged cock from across the internet!! This wireless mode also allows Miss to program sets of routines for you like a jolt every morning to wake you up or reminders of the time that you are to be online with her! Did I mention it also includes an arousal inducer? 😉
To get all the jucy details or to order one for your Miss’s desires, visit and check out their new product that has just been brought to market.