Humiliation: Public vs. Private

Want my opinions on humilation? No? Too bad.

Humilation is a wonderful tool that can be used for good and evil, and can be very hot and also very damaging. When someone tells me simply that they are “into humilation”, I always ask them to explain. Humiliation can be as simple as stripping naked in front of a woman, or as complicated as dressing someone in an all-out pig costume, and taking them outside to roll in the mud. Actually, I’m lying. It can get much more complicated that that, but I digress.

To really use humilation as a mind-fuck-sex-toy, you really need to know where someone’s triggers are, and what zones are off-limits(if any). Sometimes the lines tend to blur between “that’s hot” and “I think I’m going to go cry now, leave me alone”. Finding a happy medium is most desired for me.

Public humilation is great. I have a couple problems with it, however. A lot of kinky folks like to refer to this as “not involving non-consenting people in your kink”. At kink conventions, most things are pretty much fine, and no one will look twice at a guy in terrible drag and fairy wings, or a girl with a short skirt and her panties around her ankles.

However, in public vanilla areas, the last thing I want to see when I’m out to lunch with my grandma is some guy in head-to-toe latex. It’s just not ok. I don’t care if doing it turns you on. I will not be involved in it.

The alternative? My favorite! Wearing diapers under your street clothes at the mall. People might wonder at that drinkly noise or wonder why your bottom is more ‘fluffy’ than normal…but no one really knows, do they? That’s where the mind games and fun for me begins. Considering drag is not uncommon nowadays, I will also not hesitate to take sissies in public. However, I’ll be doing a lot of work to make sure you look presentable. No trashy clothes or frilly petticoats. Unless of course it’s a kink-friendly place. Then it’s no holds barred.

Wearing a buttplug to work. Under-clothes bondage. Chastity belts. Writing in lipstick naughty words and might peek out from the top of your neckline. Wearing girly perfume. Painting your toenails. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I know one of my boys will be wearing a red lace lingerie shirt under his holiday sweater to his family Thanksgiving. Ah, what fun!

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That’s about right, so enjoy it while it lasts. Only my name is not Rhonda. 😉