"Gay Off"

I learned a new term today.

A faggy slut today wanted me to turn him into the ultimate cockwhore. He wanted me to make him think gay thoughts while he masturbated. Of course, he also wanted to see my tits, which you know, makes ALL the sense in the world(I’m sure you’re loving this, Yve.)

“Please Princess make me gay off”

“Gay… off? I’m not familiar with this term”

“It’s when you make me think gay thoughts when I jerk it.”

Oh, is it now? See up until now I had thought “gay off” was the definition number uno from Urban dictionary.

1. gay off
V The proccess of homosexual men competing for the title of “who is the gayest.” Usually judged by fashion and wit it can also involve such acts baking, sewing, out-lisping, or out slutting.
Tom has had his homosexuality threatened. The only way to take back his pride is a gay off.
2. gay off  
A word to be used in preferance to fuck off. It sounds much cooler .
Your such a stevetard,steve, gay off!!
3. gay off
To participate in homosexual activity.
The Bones Brigade used to gay off with each other.

However, I would have to disagree with definition numbero dos. Telling someone to “gay off” does not sound cooler.