Erotic Fiction: Forced Bi

Hello everyone! I’m back from vacation. I had an amazing time, and a full blog post with photos will follow later this week. I’m still decompressing!

I wanted to try something a bit new with my clips store this week. I have had this idea floating around my head a while. I have loved to write erotic fiction since my early teens, and so many of you love my sexy voice, so why not put both together? Erotic storytelling comes so easily to me that I wanted to put a short little forced bi story together. I recorded my seductive voice telling the following scenario:

Putting yourself fully and completely in my hands is all you have ever wanted to do. When I demand that you do anything and everything I ask for, for one night only, you jump at the chance. You wait as I instructed, naked and kneeling in my home. You are not allowed to make eye contact, and you wait at the front door like a dog awaiting it’s owner’s return. A sensory delight is in store for you. You know that my biggest fantasy is watching you suck a real cock for me, so you are both excited and afraid as I step through the door…


Click the picture to purchase my first audio story!