A Guide to Reading Miss Kelle’s Body Language

This is a guide on reading my body language, geared more towards when I am submissive and recieving spankings, but I realized it really works for just about anything.

Body is Tense, not relaxed – I am in pain and not enjoying it.

Grimacing – I don’t like this. Do something else.

Trying to get up/raise myself from my position- I really don’t like this. I am about to hit you. Be warned. If I can’t hit you, my foot will connect with your balls.

“Ouch. OUCH. OUCH!” – This fucking hurts, and I am trying to let you know. You are nearing my limits. Otherwise “Ouch” is not really something I say. This is not a safeword, however. I don’t use an elaborate code system when I mean STOP NOW. I say “red”.

Sitting Quietly with Eyes Closed – I am patiently waiting. Easy, right?

Body slack, quiet – I am enjoying this. Continue.

Soft Noises or Moaning – Yes, I can get used to this. Don’t stop.

Body completely relaxed and making low noises- This is very good. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t go faster or harder. This is the place you need to be.

Eyes glazed with a faint smile – If this is after our play, then I am very happy and enjoying my playtime-high. Let me relax and have some water. If you’ve been talking to me for a while and this happens, I’m bored. Tell me something interesting.

Yes, I know women are complicated(trust me, I’m the first person to bitch about it) but there’s a Cliff Notes manual about me, for you. Please don’t make me make this required reading. I’m really not that hard to read. Happy Playing!