Returned from LA

So the Wicked Eden crew is back from DomCon. Yes, we came back a week ago, but between recovering from jet lag, and then catching a nasty bug, it’s been a bit since I felt like writing.

I had a fantastic time. I met many beautiful and wonderful Dominas such as Goddess Max, Mistress Precious, Goddess Pele, and Mistress Ellen, among many others.

At the Passive Arts Fetish Ball party, I had a wonderful spanking from the very beautiful Goddess Max. It was a very intense experience. It was a bit hard to stand up afterwards. I spent the rest of the night in a cage with Miss Snow sitting on top in a big chair. I was more interested in the cutie in the cage with me.

The morning of the day of our departure was the Mistresses tea. Miss Snow made a great serving tray, one that straps around the back and around the neck. I wore a very cute red maid dress, with collar, cuffs, and matching stockings. I helped serve tea(which was a bit tricky on my attached tray), and I sploshed a few cups but none ever tipped or fell over. She made the tray large enough for sissies too!