Preparing for DomCon

It’s getting closer to that time! I am trying to eat healthier and get in shape so I can look my best. This afternoon I did a ballet workout with Miss Snow, which was a lot of fun–but tomorrow I may not be thinking the same thing! I could really feel the burn in my abs doing very graceful crunches…with some luck I’ll see some results in a few weeks.

I will be in town for a few more weeks and will be available for sessions during that time. I’ve had a great time doing double sessions with Miss Snow and am looking forward to doing more one-on-one submissive sessions!

In getting ready for DomCon I am searching for the perfect dress! I’d really like to find something red and short and corset laced up the back. I think that would look so hot, don’t you? Well…back to work now!

Naughty thoughts,

slave kelle