Phone & Webcam

Direct Online Sessions

I use Skype for webcam & audio calls, or my direct phone line for phone sessions. For payment, I will send you a private, discreet email invoice. To request a phone or cam session with me directly, please email me at and briefly introduce yourself, including the following in your request:

  1. Name (Otherwise I’ll need to call you buttlover47! :P)
  2. Type Is this an IM, phone, or webcam request?
  3. Date (and any alternate dates)
  4. Time ( Your earliest and latest availability in EST, please be specific.)
  5. Length of Session (I recommend 30 minutes for webcam session, with a 15 minute minimum for phone and webcam. There is a 30 minute minimum for IM sessions.)
  • $1.50/min  | IM(Instant Messaging) Chat Sessions
  • $3.00/min | Phone-Only Sessions
  • $5.00/min | Webcam with Phone or Audio


What would you like to talk about? I enjoy talking about a range of topics, and my online sessions  could involve:

  • Fetish, Dominance/submission or BDSM discussion – exploration and advice.
  • Guided BDSM play with your own toys, or (safe!) household items.
  • Role-play scenarios.
  • Tease and denial, edging, or orgasm control.
  • Forced bi encouragement and advice.
  • Masturbation instruction, encouragement, or humiliation with or without toys.
  • Chastity training, introduction, control, and programs.
  • Cum eating encouragement and instruction.
  • Feminization exploration, encouragement, and assignments.
  • Financial domination, games, or guided online shopping.

Common Sense Rules

Be polite & respectful, don’t call without permission, don’t blow up My IMs when I’m not not online, don’t approach Me for the first time using crude language, and most of all be honest & open minded.

NiteFlirt Phone Sex

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Niteflirt is phone-based system that works best for non-arranged sessions. If you see me online, go ahead and call me, I’m available! You can add funds to your account, so you are not billed directly through your phone. Your phone number is hidden, you are connected with me directly and it’s completely private. To see me on webcam, just call one of my phone with cam listings and let me know your ID on Skype or Yahoo to view my webcam.

1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 02336992 (phone only)

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Girl Home Alone (Phone w/ Webcam)

1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 02336961 (phone with cam)

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Mistress (Phone w/ Webcam)

1-800-TO-FLIRT, ext: 02336967 (phone with cam)

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