Sissy Housebitch

You recently sublet a room in your house to one of your best girlfriend’s friend. Upon him moving in it was made very clear to him that he has no chance of you ever thinking about dating him. It’s been about a month and all seems to be going pretty good. Until the day you get home from class early only to find your new roommate dressed in you bra, panties, and vest. You’re first reaction is to be pissed because he’s wearing your clothes and pleasing himself, but then you realize you have just the thing. You order him to take off the vest but he can keep the bra and panties on, then you tell him to go stand in the corner. You change into a black bra, black corset, and black panties also wearing the vest with your strap on ready. You tell him to turn around. You ask him if this is the first time wearing your clothes but quickly notice his hard on. You skip to the punch and tell him how you’ve been wanting a slave. You make him get down on his knees and put his mouth on that dick of yours. You explain more rules that allow him to say you’re his girlfriend in public and you’ll play the part around friends and family. However at home you tell him he’ll be wearing all the sexy bras, panties, corsets, vest and whatever you want because he is your slave. You see him squirm and tell him to bend over. He better do as you say because you can make his life a living nightmare. He ask how you’ll make it a living nightmare and all you do is pound him a little harder and ask him how that dick is in his ass. Then you laugh at him because it’s a matter of which of your friends do you tell first about all of his feminine behaviors. Then you laugh even harder before you tell him how the next boy’s night could be a very long night for him.

From roommate to sissy housebitch in the blink of an eye!

This clip was a custom request. Want your own fantasy come to life? Email me at to order.

This clip includes: POV strap-on, strap-on, humiliation, verbal humiliation, embarrassment, sissy training, forced fem, corset, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.