Humiliated Sissy

Let’s have a heart-to-heart. You are not a real man. You never were and never will be. If it hasn’t magically happened by now, it’s never going to happen for you. You need to learn to accept what you are in life — a little sissy whore. Your only use is to serve your new Mistress and Master. You’ll be fed jizz from a bottle, daily. It will help you become more submissive and girly. We will make you into the best little whore—a useful and profitable whore. I’ll put you in your place and he will break you in…and we will both pimp you out.

This is going to be your new life, sissy slut.

This clip includes: forced fem, forced bi, sissy sluts, sissy training, sissy humiliation, verbal humiliation, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.