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My sexy friends.

Video: Interview with

Go check out my interview!

I recently had a wonderful interview with slaveboy from He asked me some interesting questions and I had a blast.

Here’s what he had to say about it!

“After conducting interviews with some of the most beautiful and seductive women I have ever encountered, I thought I was prepared for anything.  Of course, the gorgeous and teasing Miss Kelle Martina had other ideas and for the entire duration of this interview, she teased and played with me with her every response.  I will admit, at times I had a little trouble coming up with my next question, something that greatly amused Miss Kelle I’m sure.  Enjoy this sizzling interview below and I know you enjoyed her sexy intro clip.  I’m quite sure Miss Kelle would be pleased if you read this while kneeling, I know it seemed appropriate as I asked her the questions!”

Go check out my interview!

Gifts Round Up

I received a bunch of lovely gifts already this month! I love getting gifts, from fun to totally practical. When you give, everyone gets sexy pics of me showing them off.

I put this whole silver outfit on my wishlist, and in the same day it was snapped up by one of my fans! I am looking forward to using it for a few sexy sci-fi inspired clips!

Picture 774Picture 771

These beautiful designer shoes are real leather and so sexy. They are from a very special facesittin fan! I love the little gold bow on the toe. Adorable. I just wore them out this weekend with Miss Noel Knight to a cute little Italian place downtown. I love the way real leather shoes form to your feet and fit perfectly. By the end of the night I was even saying how I wanted to keep walking around in them, they felt so good!

Picture 767Picture 768Picture 770


Another fan who loves me making him achingly teasing custom videos got me something awesome! I’m a big Star Trek TNG fan, and he got me a uniform off my wishlist! What kind of clip should I shoot in this one? Dr. Crusher takes your temperature? Counselor Troi hypnotizes you? He got me some sexy stockings too. They never go amiss! I can never have enough.


Picture 758Picture 761

Picture 765Picture 776

A sissy of mine who loves to show off his outfits on cam got me this hot little number. Damn, I look good!


Picture 756Picture 757

From “D”, a pair of beautiful buttery leather pumps.These are from one of my favorite shoe design brands, Dolce Vita. Beautiful and classic round toe pump, real leather. These are the kind of shoes you never get rid off, and wear them forever. They’ll never go out of style. I like to think this is my signature shoe shape. They even come with this cute little bag to keep the dust off!

Picture 779Picture 781Picture 782Picture 783

Thank you to all who got me these lovely gifts! I look forward to posting more pics of gifts in the future 🙂

If you’d like to shop for me, here’s my Wish List Link.


Miss Kelle