What I Did This Summer

For the past 10 years, every summer I escape for a week or two to the middle ages. The event is called The Pennsic War and regularly draws a crowd of over 10,000 people from all over the world. Yep, I’m a reenactor. If you can call it that. Mostly I sew, drink a lot, and talk about historical nonesuch with friends and family. I don’t fight(though I’ve done it), I don’t blacksmith(Though I’ve tried it), and I don’t cook(much). I hope the photos can capture a bit of the magic for you.


This is camp. Home base. You’ll find plenty of non-medieval objects here. We aren’t too strict. Other camps are and they are awesome. I’m wearing a 14th century dress in the first pic and a 16th century dress(both handsewn by yours truly) in the second pic. We have a lovely little spot by a lake. I like to watch all the turtles, fish, bats, dragonflies, and groundhogs around the area. We have a really great cook in our camp, who is roasting the lamb leg over the fire. It was delicious. We cook on the campfire most days. 🙂



One of the things I love about Pennsic is the effort and time that every participant puts into making it a beautiful place. Even if it’s just for two weeks. This camp has erected their own Greek temple (complete with oracle!). I had a threesome in there once years back. Shh! 😉


Daytime consists of classes, meeting new people, and shopping! We love hanging out at the local cafe(yes, we have more than a few restaurants on site just for the event), a middle eastern joint with hookah, delcious snacks, and coffee drinks. We were lucky enough to be seated next to a few practicing musicians playing period instruments. My girlfriend shows off the henna art I did on her palm at a class about the Turkish Baths of the middle ages.



In my Indian sari, I’m off for the evening to party! All the shops are open until midnight on one evening of the week, so the whole place is alive! Lights, torches, dancing, drums! We headed to another party and witnessessed a rainbow-colored fire! I love that so many talented people make and bring all their own brews! Much sampling to be had!



On the last day, we finally managed to make it to a battle. I’m lazy and never get out of camp early enough to go watch one. Hey, it’s my vacation! It’s hard to get a good photo since everyone is moving so fast and you can’t get too close. Might lose an eye. In the last photo you can see the East and Middle Kingdoms facing off to win the War!



At the end of the day, it’s watching the cotton candy clouds and the sun set over the lake, with the silhouette of pavilions and campsmoke rising above the trees that really makes me feel at peace. When you arrive at the event, the staff always says “Welcome Home”, and it truly feels like it. A goblet of mead doesn’t hurt either.


Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of my ‘other’ life. Don’t be fooled, kinkster’s are all over the place here too! Some people set up full dungeons. I haven’t quite visited that side of Pennsic yet, but maybe one day..


Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle