Video: The Mantis

Some of my more “out there” clips are actually my own original ideas, not custom clips that I’ve decided to make available. This idea had been bobbing around in my head ever since I learned about how the female preying mantis, who is much larger than the male, mates with him, then kills and lays her eggs inside, or eats him as a snack. “Why, what an interesting clip that would make!” My perverted mind thought.
Combine the practice with a dash of sensual and aggressive femininity, wrapped up in another category I’ve been “dying” to try…the super villain, and you’ve got one hot clip. Well, at least I think so. Why don’t you vote with your wallet if you agree?

While I always do what I like, the clips that sell the most get published more consistently (Forced Bi! Cum Eating Instruction!). I just think it’s great that I just so happen to LOVE them as well! Lately new categories that were originally new to me have made their way into the frequent rotation by virtue of being more popular (Baby/Diaper Humiliation! Giantess!), which I have also learned more about and grown to love.

So If you have a less popular fetish, vote those clips with your wallet, join fetish specific forums and promote me! 😉

Enjoy…The Mantis.

Like the female praying mantis insect, I capture, mate, and devour my male prey. You were stupid enough to fall for a sweet voice and batting eyelashes, now look at you. Naked and shivering in my dark dungeon. I will have my way with you for hours on end as I slipped a bit of performance enhancer in with your spiked drink. “Don’t think you’ll get to enjoy it, either!” I exclaim, as a strong blow hits you in the side of the head. You slip in and out of consciousness and only catch the last of my orgasms as my tight pussy drains your cock of its last drop of sperm.

“All that fucking has really made me hungry…” I lick my lips as fear grips you. YOU are the tasty morsel. I plan on devouring you whole, bite by bite. “Where shall I start? Your fingertips? Yes, I’ll leave your puny brain for dessert!”

The Mantis strikes for her first victim! Who will be next?

This clip includes: super villain, vore, superheroines, female domination, POV sex, and FemDom POV.

*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.

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Length: 8 minutes

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