Video: It’s Just a Phase

The idea for this clip came from a fan(yes, I really do fan-submitted ideas!) and I loved it instantly. He (and I’m sure lots of you too!) loves gentle humiliation in a forced bi context. You’ll find no mean humiliation here, no mean words or demeaning treatment.


It’s Just a Phase  


I think it’s time you finally came out of the closet. You’re gay! Just admit it. This whole thing you’ve been going through for years, trying to find a girl to date, trying to kiss girls…it was just a phase. Now that you have come to terms with your sexuality, I think this will bring us even closer as friends. We can even bring home boys together! I’ll find one for you, since it’s your first time and all…
The sweetest, gentlest humiliation comes pouring out of my lips. It’s more like encouraging your love of cock! Let me tell you exactly how it’s going to happen for you. Your first blow job…
“I know you’re gay, and I know thinking of dick gets you hard. Give in!”
This clip includes: forced bi, cum eating, schoolgirl, “sweet gentle” humiliation, encouragement, dirty talk, and FemDom POV.
*HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO* Video is in HD 1920 x 1080.
Price:$10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes