Vacation Notice: July 28th – August 13th

I’ll be taking my annual trip to the Middle Ages from July 28th through August 13th!

Every year I travel with my family and friends to a campground in Pennsylvania for a historical recreation event with over 10 thousand people who create a medieval town for two weeks. Here’s an article if you’re curious about the event and what it’s like.

No, you may not serve me when I’m there – I’m with my family (weird) plus it’s my vacation (which means no work!).

No, no one has recognized me there – I wear zero makeup and dress like a nun (literally).

I might take some photos while I’m there, but I really try to stay off my phone digital devices for the whole time  – I like it that way, so maybe I can convince a friend to snap a few photos for the curious.

If you want to contribute to camping supplies, feel free to email me an gift card to I really try to treat the event as an escape from the modern world, so don’t expect any email responses, Twitter activity (other than clip update auto Tweets!), or Snapchat pics. I don’t get the chance to step away from my phone much so I really relish these opportunities. Thank you for understanding!

While I’m gone, my Clips4Sale and KinkBomb stores will continue to be updated daily, so enjoy!

See you when I get back, pervs!

Keep Playing,


Miss Kelle